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    August 24, 2015 by TheZombiemelon

    So finally it's been (unofficially) two years of PvZ Wiki. I've become quite inactive due to both my waning interest in PvZ2, and school.

    I first stumbled upon PvZ Wiki in 2013 upon completing Wild West on the old map. The silhouette of Far Future had piqued my interest, and I searched the web looking for info about the content. Far Future Leaked Info was the only page/discussion that had anything of use. I soon found out about Laser Bean, Blover, Citron, Infi-nut, Magnifying Grass, Tile Turnip, and Starfruit. The hype was unbearable. I came back to the wiki after the 4th world's release to get the scoop on Dark Ages. Then, finally, in the PvZ Wiki Dark Ages, I joined the wiki officially. Just in time for the Vasebreaker and Big Wave Beach…

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  • TheZombiemelon

    Since everyone is doing this, I thought I might as well. Feel free to ask away.

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  • TheZombiemelon

    It has come to my attension that users with poor contributions have been losing their sun as punishment for their inability to do better. To earn back a badge, you will have to take a trial of ten contributions. The staff will then evaluate these trials and give you a score out of 100. You can afford to get lower than 40% on 3 of the ten rounds. The staff has appointed me to prep users for their test. Here is what you need to know:

    1. Go to the source editor.

    2. Configure the data like this:

    1. To customize your wordbubble, go to a page with it (Not a talk page) and open the visual editor.

    2. Click on the wordbubble, then click "Get info about this template".

    3. Once on the template's page, click edit, then customize the parts.

    4. It is best to …

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  • TheZombiemelon

    Zen Garden Update Concept:

    -The Zen Garden Update-

    The Zen Garden Update is far less complex than its partner. It introduces;

    -A new currency, Ambers.

    -Crazy Dave's refrigerator, as seen in the trailer.

    -New Items to "water" your plants with.

    -A system that allows a player to have plants of their choice in the Zen Garden.

    -A reintroduction of Flower Pot, and the ability to plant Marigold.

    Ambers are the rarest of the three currencies. They can be obtained the way the others can, though not as often. Ambers are spent during levels, by tapping the Amber icon, and dragging one onto a plant. Instead of supercharging it, the plant will drop a single seed. When collected, the seed will go to Crazy Dave's refrigerator, where it can then be placed in the …

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  • TheZombiemelon

    Source Mode Tutorials

    September 16, 2014 by TheZombiemelon

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