This is my idea for a musical era in PvZ2. Remember,leave your ideas in the comments.

Note:I currently need Plant Ideas.Please leave them in the comments.

Plant Name Sun Cost Ability Plant Food Ability Recharge Unlocked After
Name Ability Health Damage

First Encounter

Student Zombie He likes to musically munch veggies. 10 1 per bite Musical Era - Day 1
Student Conehead His noted cone gives him more musical mad resistance. 27 1 per bite Musical Era - Day 1
Student Buckethead His flute-based bucket gives him three times as much protection as a regular student. 65 1 per bite Musical Era - Day 2
Flag Student Zombie He leads the music,and goes faster at moderate speed with tempo. 10 1 per bite Musical Era - Day 1
Conductor Zombie He leads music and makes plants slow down 20  3 per stick hit Musical Era - Day 4
Pianist Zombie He plays classical music for his students. 24 40 per rolled plant Musical Era - Day 10
Piano Gargantuar He likes music,and was taught by Beethoven. 175 70 per smash Musical Era - Day 20
Imp Musician He likes cuddly toys with music. 10 1 per bite Musical Era - Day 20
Musical Paper Zombie He gives his master papers to play. 12 1 per bite Musical Era - Day 24
Metronome Zombie He changes tempo of his comrades and enemies. 15 0 Musical Era - Day 27
Organist Zombie He falls from the sky and plays the organ. 30 10000 Musical Era - Day 37
Zombot Musical Menacer The piano-playing,diastrous dastardly player from the Musical Era. Shoots missiles and rolls over plants. 2000 10000 Musical Era - Day 40