This is my PvZ2 Primitive Ages concept.

Part 1


The plants are in order:

Bone Pea - Cost:125 Recharge:Fast Shoots a bone and a pea

Vineweed - Cost:175 Recharge:Fast Ensnares 3 zombies and pops their heads off excluding Gargantuars

Dinoleaf - Cost: 200 Recharge:Medicore Eats zombies' heads off excluding Gargantuars,then digests 

Vinetrap - Cost:150 Recharge:Sluggish Traps zombies and kills the zombie

Tea-Rex - Cost:200 Recharge:Medicore Burps at zombies,pushing them back


Slingshot Zombie - Shoots rocks at your plants

Club Zombie - Smashes plants dealing 2 damage

Torch Zombie - Burns plants with torch

Zombie Hunter - Throws sharp sticks at plants

Hammer Zombie - Crushes plants instantly excluding Wall-nuts and Tall-nuts

Rock Gargantuar - Crushes plants by rolling rock

Plant Food Abilities

Bone Pea - Shoots a large bone and a large pea

Vineweed - Ensnares all zombies in it's lane and kills them

Dinoleaf:Kills all zombies in 3 lanes and doesn't digest them

Vinetrap:Traps all zombies on-screen,temporarily stunning them

Tea-Rex - Eats 5 zombies,then burps,pushing all zombies to the 9 tile from left to right

Part 2


Triberrytops - Cost:150 Recharge:Fast Shoots berries that deal 1.5 damage

Fossil Pea - Cost:75 Recharge:Slow Shoots tar-covered peas that slow down zombies a lot

Flamewood - Cost - 500 Recharge:Very Slow Burns all zombies around it,resistant to fire attacks,can burn Barrel Zombie


Bee Hive Zombie - Swarms you with bees

Bee Zombie - Annoys plants

Zombie Flinstone - Hits plants with bone and swings a vine into the middle row

Vine Swinger Zombie - Swings a vine into the lawn,Primitive variation of Swashbuckler Zombie

Barrel Zombie - Rides a cool barrel

Zombot Dino-tron - The stone crushing dinosaur of the Primitive Ages

Plant Food Abilities

Triberrytops - Shoots big berries that deal 10 damage

Fossil Pea - Shoots a big tar pea pushing all zombies back to the start

Flamewood:Burns all zombies on-screen