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  • ThePvzDude

    PvZ2 Musical Times Idea

    November 26, 2014 by ThePvzDude

    This is my idea for a musical era in PvZ2. Remember,leave your ideas in the comments.

    Note:I currently need Plant Ideas.Please leave them in the comments.

    Plant Name Sun Cost Ability Plant Food Ability Recharge Unlocked After

    Name Ability Health Damage

    First Encounter

    Student Zombie He likes to musically munch veggies. 10 1 per bite Musical Era - Day 1
    Student Conehead His noted cone gives him more musical mad resistance. 27 1 per bite Musical Era - Day 1
    Student Buckethead His flute-based bucket gives him three times as much protection as a regular student. 65 1 per bite Musical Era - Day 2
    Flag Student Zombie He leads the music,and goes faster at moderate speed with tempo. 10 1 per bite Musical Era - Day 1
    Conductor Zombie He leads music and makes…

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  • ThePvzDude

    Who would like to be part of the Primitive Ages world team?

    I will make a page about it on the PvZCC wiki!

    • User:RandomzSunfish23901
    • User:IMCR8Z
    • User:ThePvzDude


    • User:The Gatling Pea
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  • ThePvzDude

    This is my PvZ2 Primitive Ages concept.

    The plants are in order:

    Bone Pea - Cost:125 Recharge:Fast Shoots a bone and a pea

    Vineweed - Cost:175 Recharge:Fast Ensnares 3 zombies and pops their heads off excluding Gargantuars

    Dinoleaf - Cost: 200 Recharge:Medicore Eats zombies' heads off excluding Gargantuars,then digests 

    Vinetrap - Cost:150 Recharge:Sluggish Traps zombies and kills the zombie

    Tea-Rex - Cost:200 Recharge:Medicore Burps at zombies,pushing them back

    Slingshot Zombie - Shoots rocks at your plants

    Club Zombie - Smashes plants dealing 2 damage

    Torch Zombie - Burns plants with torch

    Zombie Hunter - Throws sharp sticks at plants

    Hammer Zombie - Crushes plants instantly excluding Wall-nuts and Tall-nuts

    Rock Gargantuar - Crushes plants by rolli…

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