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  • TheNiceZombie

    Hello! I have wondered what your top 10 games is! Please leave a comment to tell the wiki users what your top ten games are.

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  • TheNiceZombie

    Halloween World

    September 13, 2014 by TheNiceZombie

    I came up with an idea for a halloween world. It is set in 1692 when people did Salem witch trials. The lawn is a graveyard, so a lot of graves are in a level. No sun will be falling, and some mushrooms will return. Fog will return aswell. Fire Peashooter will appear in 1 level.


    Plantern: 0 sun

    Light lasts for a limited time, \needs 17.5 seconds charging time.

    Plant Food: Unlimited Battery

    Plantern has been bright forever, but one day he went to Far Future and the E.M Peach stopped him because of his EMP power.

    Potion Passionfruit: 75 sun

    Eats evil potions

    Sure, she loves evil potions but she used to hate the glass. Potion Passionfruit liked the taste after something happened with her tongue.

    Fan Flower: 100 sun

    Multi-use blover

    Plant Food: B…

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