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    Starting off easy, I'll discuss the plants you get at the very beginning and in the very first world. Essentially, I'll be covering how they do in their home environments and later on (up to and including Neon Mixtape Tour; I've yet to even unlock Jurassic Marsh!)

    There's not much to say about this plant. It retains relevancy, in part due to its Plant Food effect, well up to Far Future, where it begins to become too overshadowed to see much use. I can't really complain about it, it's a really simple plant with no gimmicks that's good when zombie density is low.

    Sunflower will remain the backbone of your sun production, even with the Twin Sunflower, until the Dark Ages and the Sun-shroom. Granted, while the Sunflower is inherently inferior, t…

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  • TheMostAwesomer

    New Blog Series

    August 19, 2016 by TheMostAwesomer

    Yes, I'm making my previous tendency of ranting into a less-ranty series where I discuss Plants vs. Zombies, like, uh, how many people have been doing this? It's gotta be at least 10. If I try to rant less, I'll probably break new ground (or rarely-broken ground). Especially since I've finally gotten a little bit better at PvZ2 after a well-deserved break.

    The first part of the series will be me discussing plants, although only ones I actually have (plus the Tile Turnip, which I used enough on my old phone that I still remember well enough to talk about).

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  • TheMostAwesomer

    Another PvZ2 rant

    November 22, 2015 by TheMostAwesomer

    I rant a lot. Moving on.

    PvZ1 was fun. The difficulty curve was mild, and if you knew what you were doing, you could get through most any choose-your-seeds level with next to no difficulty, with wild and varied strategies. Each of those levels (all but -5 and -10 levels) were open-ended puzzles with many, many valid solutions.

    In PvZ2, not so much. While many levels are a lot like those levels in PvZ1, many more are nowhere near that. They're puzzles, but very closed-ended puzzles, with few valid solutions. It's no fun having to consult a Youtube video and find out that their strategy requires a plant you don't have yet because the levels beforehand were even worse.

    This, plus the poor balance between many plants (Laserang Conundrum), make it …

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  • TheMostAwesomer

    My opinions. I'm not good at intros.

    There are a lot (A LOT) of plants. Each with their own capability. Some excell, some fail. These are the ones that excell.

    Tall-nut may be one of the least interesting plants, but it's exceptionally useful. Its utility is most apparent in Plants vs. Zombies, where it is the strongest defensive plant, and the one sole thing that can dependably stop all vaulters. Each one has specific Tall-nut-free strategies, but it makes life easier. In the sequel, it's made less practical by the Infi-nut, a later entry. It's still very helpful against things like Bulls, though.

    Often considered the "weakest" pult, Kernel-pult is actually extremely deadly. If you don't think this now, you will after two to three Kernel-pul…

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  • TheMostAwesomer

    My thoughts

    November 7, 2014 by TheMostAwesomer

    I've heard many complaints about the state of PvZ2. Now, I don't have too much room to talk, since, as my phone has unusually low storage, I'm stuck on Dark Ages Part 1. I don't have your fancy "Magnet-shrooms" or "Tangle Kelps". However, I personally think that it is needlessly difficult.

    In the original Plants vs. Zombies, right before or right after encountering a zombie type that's hard to fight, you're given a counter in some way. Fume-shroom to Screen Door Zombies, Hypno-shroom to Dancing Zombies or Football Zombies, Tall-nut to Dolphin Riders, Jalapeno/Spikeweed to Zombonis, Cactus/Blover to Balloon Zombies and Split Pea/Magnet-shroom/Starfruit to Digger Zombies. These plants are also very effective against other types - the Fume-shro…

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