NOTE: Everything shown below is not self-made, it was took from the real "Prehistoric Ages" world from the Plants vs. Zombies: All-Stars game.

Primitive Zombie:

Basic primitive brainless zombie

Toughness: Average (10)

Speed: Basic

Nobody ever knew, how did zombies got in the Prehistoric Ages... Since nobody would ever knew what was a (r)evolution of zombies...

Primitive Conehead:

His wooden look-a-like "cone" grants him an extra armor!

Toughness: Protected (28)

Speed: Basic

What is undead? What are brains? What is love?! - asked someday Zombie. While later, he found his best loveable thing - a cone!

Primitive Buckethead

His stony bucket, grants awesome protection from damage!

Toughness: Hardened (65)

Speed: Basic

Always loved his favorite happy bucket of planty bones!

Primitive Flag Zombie (10)

Marks the arrival of a huge neolithic "wave" of zombies.

Toughness: Basic

Speed: Hungry

Always faster than anyone... At least, he thinks like that...

Beehive Zombie

Releases a flock of lane-swapping bees once encounters a plant or dies.

Special: summons zombees

Toughness: Average (10)

Speed: Basic

Looks for beauty mumbling ideals, call her between 5:00 EU and 13:45 GH


Once exhausted onto lawn, zombees fly at full lane-switching speed into your house...

Toughness: Fragile (3 hits)

Speed: Flighty

Bzzzz! Ouch! You are zombie now!

Slingshot Zombie:

Shoots plants from a distance

Special: uses slingshot to kill most farthest plant

Toughness: Solid (12)

Speed: Creeper

Always ready for a war... Wished, someday he will want to work for somebody special, in a place where all zombies will get ready for survival...

Club Zombie

Heavy zombie, using the club to pass the most hardest barrier.

Special: Destroys plants in one hit with his club.

Toughness: Machined (90)

Speed: Stiff

Judging by his name, you thought he has a real club? Well, yeah, he has. But also, he has a major important club where he invites his most VIPest friends ever!

Shaman Zombie

Heals zombies with his magic bones

Special: Heals zombies once he drops the bones

Toughness: Protected (19)

Speed: Basic

Mastered the holy art of taking peace, he found his real job in helping his best subordinates.

Primitive Gargantuar

The heaviest zombie so back, who takes rocks on the squack.

Damage: drops two rocks once being subsequently damaged

Toughness: Great (180)

Speed: Stiff

Yes. he knows he's the bad guy. Although, he cannot ever take on that he needs to do the most important things...

'B'ird Rider Zombie

A full of unliving beans zombie, who knows what's the best for birds.

Special: Flies over the plants

Special: Dodges most attacks.

Weakness: Lobbed-shot plants

Toughness: P'rotected (28)'

Speed: Stiff

Looked for hobby, found it. That's how the hard is the life of the zombie...

Snail Rider Imp

A pottery trainer of the slidest animals ever...

Special: Immune to slowdown effects

Special: Crushes plants with his snail

Toughness: Dense (46)

Speed: Basic

Finally got rid of his "father", the little Imp escaped from his torment and found a real best friend.

Mammoth Rider Zombie

A zombie with gigantic animal, what somehow did got able to be controlled...

Special: Increases speed once loses health

Toughness: Machined (125)

Speed: Creeper (125-100)

Stiff (100-50)

            Basic (50-25)

            Hungry (25-5)

            Speedy (5-0)

Never wanted to do that, but looks like fate decided without his assistance...