Everything Wrong With


In X Minutes or Less



1. PopCap wasn't creative enough to make Dark Ages logo without the "Part 1" or "Part 2"

2. How does peasant zombies never really attack Crazy Dave or Penny in-game?

3. It IS Dark Ages, but it doesn't really look dark at all.

4. Who sent all these arrows on seed selection screen? Was someone trying to help us too?

5. Why is also the gate always open? Are the zombies coming from castle or just standing on the seed selection screen all the time?

6. I'm not really sure, but... What are these lawnmowers for in real-life?

7. Gravestones never really rise out from ground by themselves.

8. Also, how can the zombie differ plant from gravestone? We thought they are mindless!

9. Here it is - Necromancy! But where is Necromancer?

10. Kazoo was first introduced in 1340s, so it couldn't appear in our Dark Ages.

11. It is also annoying, too.

12. How did the zombies even appeared in Dark Ages?! Dr. Zomboss couldn't send thousands of them!

13. Sporebook, Fungusedln, Shroomstagram and Lawn Area Network wasn't existing in Dark Ages.

14. What mushrooms had to do with Dark Ages?

15. Jester Zombie surely would freak out from deflecting so much things at once.

16. He also can deflect things that nobody could deflect.

17. Somehow, Knight Zombie's helmet can also defend his unaffected body.

18. Zombie King uses unknown magic to give Peasants helmets.

19. He also plagiarises Disney.

20. Cones and buckets never really existed in Dark Ages. 20 sins for every fooled zombie.

41. Wizard Zombie uses his power to turn plants into sheep.

42. PopCap was lazy enough to don't nerf him.

More coming soon. (eventual fixes)