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  • TheHandsomePlant

    All of Triassic Triumph's new cards.

    Fusion - Play a Plant/Zombie on this to use this ability.

    Grizzly Pear | 5-cost | 5/4 | Guardian | Fruit Animal Plant | Triassic - Uncommon
    It's true what they say, ""Never get between a Grizzly Pear and her cub."" Doubly true for Zombies.

    Pumpkin Shell | 3-cost | 2/4 | Guardian | Squash Plant | Triassic - Rare
    Fusion: A Plant played on this gets +2/+4
    ""Build your house on a solid foundation,"" they said. ""Build your house on pumpkin.""

    Marine Bean | 3-cost | 2/3 | Guardian | Bean Animal Plant | Triassic - Super-Rare
    When played: This gets +2 Attack for each other Plant in the Water.
    Of course beans evolved gills. How else would they breathe underwater?

    Primal Wall-Nut | 3-cost | 0/9 | Guardian | …

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  • TheHandsomePlant

    Disregard everything that is not an upcoming card's texture. I put those textures on current existing ones.

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  • TheHandsomePlant

    Here are the new Wild West levels coming most likely in the 6.2 update. (6.1 update will feature new Jurassic Marsh levels only)

    Stage: Wild West

    (Crazy Dave and Penny appear)

    Crazy Dave: I say, Penny, old thing, tally ho! Pip-pip and such!

    Penny: We are in the Wild West, User Dave. Not Victorian England.

    Crazy Dave: There's a difference?

    Penny: We are likely to encounter far more ferocious former frontiersmen, User Dave.

    Penny: We will need upgraded plants to stake any claim.

    (Crazy Dave and Penny leave)

    Prize: A Wild West Pinata
    Music: Standard WW theme
    Level type: Normal (although coded in-game as Locked and Loaded, but the Plants are still choosen manually.)
    Challenges: None
    Rail placements:

    • Column 1 (all rows)
    • Column 3 (all rows)
    • Column 8 (a…

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  • TheHandsomePlant

    Here goes the take 2 on all the Galactic card properties. Hope this is easier to understand.

    Cards in color green are cards with confirmed properties and their text files matching their card files, as proved by various YouTube channels such as Ginta Gaming or KTT.

    Cards in color red are cards with unconfirmed properties, or cards that don't match their card files with their text file, with me just trying to understand their coding and trying to match with it.

    Cards in color gray are cards marked with "unfinished" strings in their coding or those that have no abilities at all.

    UPDATE: Following cards were changed in a recent update:

    Plantern, Spikeweed Sector, Interdimensional Zombie, Space Ninja, Celestial Custodian, Biodome Botanist, Regenerating Zo…

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  • TheHandsomePlant

    Here they are, the previously unfinished JM levels are now finished! Note that it says 6.1 because they are not coming in 6.0. The new PS levels will come in 6.0, the JM ones in 6.1, and most likely WW in 6.2 and new DA levels in 6.3. Either way, let's see what's new in those levels.

    Stage: Jurassic Marsh

    (Crazy Dave and Penny appear)

    Crazy Dave: Hey! The past is still just when we left it!

    Penny: True, with differences. More Jurassic zombies have appeared, with amplified abilities.

    Penny: Our plants may need to be upgraded to provide sufficient protection.

    (Crazy Dave and Penny leave)

    Prize: A gift box
    Music: Standard JM theme
    Level type: Normal
    Challenges: None
    Dynamic zombies: None
    Zombies/Dinos overall: /
    Amount of subwaves: 9

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