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aka Lightning Reed

1,657 Plants planted since joining PvZ wiki
June 15, 2013
0 Discussion posts
  • I live in Sacramento, California
  • I was born on November 16
  • My occupation is Plants vs Zombies Wiki, Youtube, Student
  • I am playing PVZ: GW
  • TheGreenNapalm

    Test (troll)

    January 27, 2015 by TheGreenNapalm
    • oh g*d
    • 6:54 Crayonshinchan0203 you said the S word
    • lel
    • 6:55 Ninja Penguins Sorry Peter, but it'll be just a kick
    • (i'm too stupid to realize it(
    • 6:55 IMCR8Z K
    • 6:56 Crayonshinchan0203 Arm the s and s. Now.
    • Welcome to the Lawn.
    • Chat hacks initialized.
    • To report errors or bugs, or to suggest features or translations, leave a message at w:c:User talk:Monchoman45.
    • 6:56 Crayonshinchan0203 just ARM it
    • 6:57 IMCR8Z K
    • 6:58 Peterfetch brb
    • 6:58 Ninja Penguins This happens when you copy and paste the chat into visual editor.....
    • 6:58 Crayonshinchan0203 plz donate an edit to this page.
    • lol
    • 6:59 IMCR8Z K
    • 7:00 Peterfetch k
    • 7:00 Ninja Penguins It's amazubg
    • 7:00 Crayonshinchan0203 if u plays GW.
    • 7:00 Ninja Penguins *amazing
    • 7:01 Crayonshinchan0203 whi…
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  • TheGreenNapalm

    And I'm Back!

    February 16, 2014 by TheGreenNapalm

    Well, I'm back after a few months of school and thought it would be nice to come back here.

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  • TheGreenNapalm

    So well, I been editing on the wiki and reached the 100 mainspace edit limit and I am also very active on the wiki. So please let me become a rollback.

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  • TheGreenNapalm


    June 30, 2013 by TheGreenNapalm

    I think we should add a Angry Birds type minigame in PVZ2.

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  • TheGreenNapalm

    PVZA Progress

    June 30, 2013 by TheGreenNapalm

    6/30- Still on Cavdaver Caverns

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