Ever since I started playing the chinese version of PvZ2:IAT, I can't help but feel left out of something from the Interenational version. Yeah, we have better graphics, more sun and all, but they have a whole new world with more levels than even Ancient Egypt! New Plants, new Zombies, new levels and stars and THE COSTUMES AREN'T JUST FOR SHOW!!! Seriously, the costume perks that I've been posting on some threads (which I thought was just my imagination) is actually true in the Chinese version (well, for some plants at least).

Snapdragon: Spits blue flames (which does more damage btw) with his Firefighter hat.

Spring Bean: Crossdressing or not, he can OHKO any zombie in any world except for the Gargantuars.

Cabbage Pult: Throws two cabbages instead of one.

Bloomerang: Throws Boomerangs more often and reduces sun cost from 175 to 150.

Sunflower: Gives a sun immediately after planting and more sun periodically without much delay.

Twin Sunflower: Same as that of Sunflower.

Wall Nut: Gets a bow tie which increases health by giving it a partially eaten Plant Food armor.

Tall Nut: Same as that of Wall Nut.

Potato Mine: Not sure what it does (My guess would be that it arms itself faster).

Pea Pod: Reduces sun cost from 125 to 100.

Coconut Cannon: Recharges faster after each fire (approx. 8 seconds faster).

Bonk Choy: Has a random chance of OHKO any zombie (excluding Gargantuars) (NOTE: OHKO ability works even while using Plant Food).

Repeater (re: THE WEIRDEST ABILITY): Shoots normal peas but now has a random chance of shooting two frozen peas or two fire peas or two napalm peas (NOTE: Works with Plant Food too!).

Kernel Pult: Shoots butter more often.

The international version (iOS or Android) seems to be the poor man's version in my eyes, compared to the Chinese version. Sure, it is riddled with IAPs, but all IAPs can be bypassed with normal gameplay, unlike the international version where certain plants and upgrades are accessible via real currency only. (Not to mention there are more upgrades in the Chinese version minus the Plant Food Recharge Upgrade)