Eaten by the zombies
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  • TheCuteDolphin

    First off, i would like to say that Dead Man's Booty is probably the easiest challenge zones than any other challenge zone (Do not underestimate the power of Spring Beans). And you could probably get a higher score in this challenge zone than in any other challenge zone.

    All the zombie-killing techniques and the plant strategies are in the specific plants/zombies' section.

    You might think it's just like planting 2 sunflowers. Think again - You're wrong! Twin Sunflowers are the "source" of your defense. Try to protect them as much as possible. Plant these in unfinished rows because there's not much zombies in there.

    So experts don't use sunflowers in high levels like 30+. But sunflowers are quite important - Try to plant them next to Twin Sunf…

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  • TheCuteDolphin

    You might be wondering why it took so long to make ep1, but now it being released tomorrow!!!

    Can't wait for the other episodes? You can find THEIR release dates on my profile.

    And get ready for the craaaaazy comic.

    Note: Season 1 is all about stealing the birds eggs with contraptions, while season 2 mostly focuses on King Pig and his minionsjoining together with Darth Vader, and emperor piglatine to steal all of the star war bird's eggsteroids.

    Season 3 will be released sometime in december and is all about the battle of season 1 but NOW THE PLANTS WILL JOIN WITH ANGRY BIRDS AND THE STAR WARS CHARACTERS WILL JOIN WITH KING PIG.

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