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Big Wave Beach Rumors - VERY FIRST ISSUE!

ThatYoshi8 October 26, 2014 User blog:ThatYoshi8

Big Wave Beach Rumors! Or you can just call it BWBR for short if you want. This is the VERY. FIRST. ISSUE. So this is our rumor for today's issue.

What the? Romantic Relationships in Big Wave Beach?

Is this seriously Big Wave Romantic Beach? I will tell you those romantic relationships in BWB.

Snorkel Zombie loves Bikini Zombie so much that he couldn't even stop looking at her.

I Fisherman Zombie am is really inlove with Conehead Bikini. C'mon guys, Nothing like a good surfer fisherman could resist a conehead.

Mermaid Imp loves his 2009 counterpart. Seriously? Does he even know him?

So, this is the end of the issue for today. Next issue will be longer. I promise.

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