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A PvZ2 World Idea - Prehistoric Ages

ThatYoshi8 October 29, 2014 User blog:ThatYoshi8

Good Mornin'/Evenin'/Nigh'/Afternoon! It's time for a world idea thingy....

Urgent: Anything from the PvZCC wiki or some other fanon wiki about PvZ or some idea blogs are not stolen. So this is not called "plagiarism". I know there's already a world like this in PvZ: Online. But this is different. Uhuh...


Uhuh... i haven't think  of any... Feel free to give ideas at the comments, k?



A regular zombie from the caves.

  • Toughness: Average
  • Speed: Basic

Cave-zombie once figured out how to do Roman Numerals, yet he doesn't know what VII means.

Conehead Cave-zombie

A zombie from the caves that has a stone cone that came from the caves.

  • Toughness: Protected
  • Speed: Basic

Conehead Cave-zombie was wandering around until he found a simple stone cone. He probably thought that it will make him stronger. But probably, no?

Buckethead Cave-zombie

A zombie from the caves that has a stone bucket that came from the caves.

  • Toughness: Hardened
  • Speed: Basic

Buckethead Cave-zombie had trouble finding out how to make a stone car, He couldn't make it go. Wanna know why? Because he had no stone tires and an engine.

Flag Cave-zombie

Announces the arrival of a huge "stony" wave of zombies.

  • Toughness: Average
  • Speed: Basic

Flag Cave-zombie's flag pole is made out of stone, and the flag itself is just a leaf with a brain sign. Flag Cave-zombie is such an expert accessory maker.

Stoned Gargantuar

A Gargantuar that uses a huge, tall, stone to smash plants.

  • Toughness: Great
  • Speed: Hungry

Stoned Gargantuar just thought of using a club, but it was small enough to smash plants. So that's the story why he used a huge and tall stone and not a club.

Stone Imp

An imp from the caves.

  • Toughness: Average
  • Speed: Hungry

Stone Imp has been having a stone fight with all the other Stone Imps, he says that stone fighting really hurts in the head, He never plays it again, but he plays it REALLY secretly.

Stone-a-pult Cave-zombie

A cave-zombie that uses a stone car to lob stones.

  • Toughness: Protected

Stone-a-pult Cave-zombie perfectly made a stone car. Buckethead Cave-zombie was so jealous that he wanted to steal his stone car.

Stone Builder Cave-zombie

Builds a stone wall that protects nearby zombies.

  • Toughness: Average
  • Stone Wall Toughness: Protected
  • Speed: Basic

Stone Builder Cave-zombie could build an entire house, a skyscraper, a cave and a car with his pile of stones. Currently, he collected 500 stones, one of them being a moon stone.

Pterodactyl-Riding Imp

An imp riding a pterodactyl.

  • Toughness: Protected
  • Speed: Speedy (when flying), Basic (when walking)

Pterodactyl-Riding Imp was too extreme to ride a pterodactyl. Every other Stone Imp wanted to ride one, But thier respective Stone Gargantuars didn't let them.

Zombot Stone-inator

The zombot that rules the prehistoric times!

  • Toughness: Undying
  • Speed: Hungry

The Zombot Stone-inator was made out of stones, some old steel and a whistle used to call Pterodactyls. Too bad Dr. Zomboss couldn't apply missiles to it.


Coming soon, heehee.


Sometimes stone falls out from the sky that damages plants/zombies. They deal 1 nds/ndb. 

Endless Zone

The Endless Zone is called Rocky Stone Ruins. You can't obtain the following:

  • Lily Pad
  • Tangle Kelp
  • Blover

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