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    PvZ DS Soundfont

    March 25, 2017 by ThatYoshi8

    It's been a long time since I last came here but hello. I am here temporarily to announce this newly made Plants vs. Zombies DS soundfont. This wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the help of VGMTrans, a program that rips sequences and soundfonts into .MID/.SF2/.DLS from various video games. This didn't take too long; because with the help of OpenMPT, I was able to track the names of the instruments (most of them at least) used, how I did it is basically I really just opened "mainmusic.mo3" from the main.pak of PvZ1 in the program, and looked at the instruments. I would have ripped the samples but that would take long, so I just decided to rip PvZDS' instruments. Anyway, enough technical stuff, click here to download. 

    oh and never expec…

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  • ThatYoshi8

    100 EDITS!

    December 11, 2014 by ThatYoshi8

    YAY!!! I has reached those 100 edits! FINALLY! Let's take a #SHROOMFIE


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  • ThatYoshi8

    Hey there, this is Yoshi with ANOTHER PvZ2 World Idea. ONWARDS.

    Welcome to the year 1916! When scouting was founded! 'But these scouts weren't just any scouts. They were zombies! Defeat them and the Scoutmaster to get the Scoutin' Trophy!

    Just a regular scouting zombie.

    Toughness: Average

    Speed: Normal

    Scout Zombie just got a badge last week. He didn't know who gave the badge. It may have fallen from the sky.

    Scouting zombie wearing a triangular log.

    Toughness: Protected

    Speed: Normal

    Conehead Scout's cone ain't no big deal. It's just a triangular log he got yesterday.

    Scouting zombie wearing a frying pan.

    Toughness: Hardened

    Speed: Normal

    Buckethead Scout's frying pan WAS from the Cafeteria. He stole it because he thought there was a cooking badge but…

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  • ThatYoshi8

    Good Mornin'/Evenin'/Nigh'/Afternoon! It's time for a world idea thingy....

    Urgent: Anything from the PvZCC wiki or some other fanon wiki about PvZ or some idea blogs are not stolen. So this is not called "plagiarism". I know there's already a world like this in PvZ: Online. But this is different. Uhuh...

    Uhuh... i haven't think  of any... Feel free to give ideas at the comments, k?

    A regular zombie from the caves.

    • Toughness: Average
    • Speed: Basic

    Cave-zombie once figured out how to do Roman Numerals, yet he doesn't know what VII means.

    A zombie from the caves that has a stone cone that came from the caves.

    • Toughness: Protected
    • Speed: Basic

    Conehead Cave-zombie was wandering around until he found a simple stone cone. He probably thought that it will …

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  • ThatYoshi8

    Big Wave Beach Rumors! Or you can just call it BWBR for short if you want. This is the VERY. FIRST. ISSUE. So this is our rumor for today's issue.

    Is this seriously Big Wave Romantic Beach? I will tell you those romantic relationships in BWB.

    Snorkel Zombie loves Bikini Zombie so much that he couldn't even stop looking at her.

    I Fisherman Zombie am is really inlove with Conehead Bikini. C'mon guys, Nothing like a good surfer fisherman could resist a conehead.

    Mermaid Imp loves his 2009 counterpart. Seriously? Does he even know him?

    So, this is the end of the issue for today. Next issue will be longer. I promise.

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