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September 10, 2012
  • Tekniknaldo1

    Since upgrading thing is discovered in code. I decided to make some preditions for other plants. From I saw Ginta's video, plants doesn't get new abilities like Chinse. Because of that, I only wrote possible buffs. I will list only level 20 upgrades.

    Note: Marigold isn't here. Also I didn't write already ones in code. I plan to do premiums later. Also I think every plant will do damage so I won't repeat again and again.

    Kernel-pult :  Probably a higher butter throwing chance and  75 sun cost.

    Snapdragon: I hope this guy will get thawing in FC and its attack range will encahes 9 tiles.  


    Coconut Cannon: 400 SUN is too much. So a sun decrease to 350 or 375 sun makes sense. Faster recharge and heavier blows will make this guy more awes…

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  • Tekniknaldo1
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  • Tekniknaldo1

    New premium plants

    June 29, 2014 by Tekniknaldo1
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