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Warzone World Idea

Tecku June 2, 2014 User blog:Tecku

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The last and most unique of my four worlds, the Warzone.

World Info: Daytime level that takes place around 1940 in Europe. Some lawn tiles have become mud pits, which only deep-rooted plants and Flower Pots can be planted on. Deep rooted plants include Potato Mine, Bamboo Shoot, Tile Turnip, and White Radish. The two leftmost columns never have mud pits, but the two rightmost columns are all mud pits. The middle columns may or may not have mudpits on any given square.


- Basic

- Flag

- Conehead

- Buckethead

- Imp

- Gargantuar

- Zomboss on Level 25

- Grenade Zombie

Health: Basic

Speed: Regular

Stops at the right edge of the screen and throws grenades at your leftmost plant. Grenades cannot be destroyed, but deal minor damage. If it runs out of grenades it will act like a Basic Zombie.

Weakness: Umbrella Plant

- Trench Zombie

Health: Protected

Speed: Hungry

Trench Zombie crawls along the ground to avoid straight shots.

- Zombie Missile

Health: Basic

It is launched from on offscreen airstike and lands on a random plant. Will detonate in a few seconds if not destroyed.

- Zombie Zepplin

Health: Dense

Speed: Speedy

Flies over any and all plants it comes across, including Tall-Nut. Will pop and instantly die if hit by something sharp.

Weaknesses: Rhubarb Wire, Cactus, Aspearagus, Blover

- Hazmat Zombie

Health: Dense

Speed: Regular

Hazmat suit protects it from ice, fire, fume, and electric damage. If hit by something sharp (and not from the ground, as it wears thick boots), its suit will gain a rip and it will become venurable to the elements again.

Weaknesses: Rhubarb Wire, Cactus, Aspearagus

- Zombie Tank

Health: Machined

Speed: Creeper

A slower Robo-Cone. Occasionally launches greandes from its cannon.

Weakness: Ginger Snipe


- Flower Pot

Cost: 25 Sun

Recharge: Fast

Can be planted on mud, and lets you plant another plant on top of it.

Plant Food: Stores plant food for the next plant to be put into it.

Costume: Gains paint blotches on the sides of the pot.

- Carrotcket Launcher

Cost: 125 Sun

Recharge: Fast

Based on the Carrot Launcher from PvZ Online. It fires a medium damage rocket every four seconds, and targets the rightmost enemy. It is a deep-rooted plant.

Plant Food: Fires strong missles at the rightmost target.


- Rhubarb Wire

Cost: 75 Sun

Recharge: Sluggish

A deep rooted plant that slows anything crawling through it. It also pops anything that goes through it.

Plant Food: Gains armor, and pops anything onscreen that can be popped.


- Cactus

Cost: 125 Sun

Recharge: Fast

Similar to the first game. However, it will not insta-pop targets. If a Zepplin does somehow manage to get above it, it will rapidly fire spikes out of its flower (while still firing ahead), destroying the blimp. It is NOT a deep-rooted plant.

Plant Food: 


- Umbrella Plant

Cost: 75 Sun

Recharge: Fast

Protects your plants from grenades and missles. It is NOT a deep-rooted plant.

Plant Food: 


- Ginger Snipe

Cost: 225 Sun

Recharge: Fast

Ginger Snipe shoots a powerful shot every few seconds. The shot does medium damage, and penetrates any zombie moving slower than "Stiff". Trench Zombies crawl underneath the shot.

Plant Food: 


- Onionade

Cost: 175 Sun

Recharge: Sluggish

After being planted, Onionade can be tapped to detonate, acting like a Cherry Bomb meets Coconut Cannon. Zombies will walk over it without eating it or setting it off, but if rolled over or smashed, it detonates.

Plant Food: 


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