Today, I'm going to talk about random subjects that aren't quite long enough for their own post. These are just some things that I wanted to mention in between larger posts.

Rotobaga vs. Starfruit

Rotobage wins. Its frontal damage is 1.5 times that of Starfruit, which brings it out ahead. And while Starfruit may have 3 other directions instead of 2, Rotobage also has more firepower backwards, which balances it out for backwards damage. The only leg up Starfruit has is doing slightly more damage if zombies pass through a solid column of Startfuit..... which is nearly impossible to do with Sweet Potato instead of Garlic. Yeah, it's pretty much a clean sweep.


.... I like this plant. Granted, it's not as potent as some of your other plants, but it's good at what it does. The splash damage gives it some utility, and the wind mechanic is very unique. It's balance may not be absolutely perfect, but it's miles above Sweet Potato. Speaking of which...

Is Sweet Potato Totally Worthless?

So yeah, I've been bashing on Sweet Potato for a while now. And be blunt, Sweet Potato is a bad plant. But is it totally worless? Well.. not quite.

The best strategy with Sweet Potato revolves around using it to attract zombies while also keeping the Sweet Potato alive. I've found one of the better strategies is to place a Tall-Nut right in front of the Potato (zombies will be just in range of the Tall-Nut), while using Squash and Hurrikale to keep the swarm at bay. Problem is, this strategy has you pick almost your entire arsenal around the Sweet Potato. You need to use a secondary walling plant, AND you need to spring for the whopping 300 Sun. It's just not worth it.

All in all, Sweet Potato isn't totally worthless, but it needs some improvement. At the very least, it needs a price drop, a toughness upgrade, or both. Otherwise, it just won't work.

Should Big Wave Beach Have Been a China-themed level?

This was mentioned in my possible candidates for Tecku Talks posts, which was eons ago. Basically, I was asking whether or not Big Wave Beach should have been a China era instead of a mid 1900's era. Looking back, Big Wave Beach was an okay theme for a level, but I think it also could have worked as an ancient China level. Here are some reasons why:

  • We are currently lacking an Asia level, which is quite noticeable. And yes, there is a China level in the Chinese version. But I have my doubts that it'll get an international release. We might get the plants scattered across new levels, and the weapon reack idea may be used, but half of the Chinese zombies have been put into other worlds already.
  • Lily Pad would work very well as a Chinese plant
  • Originally, Banana Launcher was going to be a bamboo plant called Bamboo Shoot, which would certainly be Chinese
  • The Fisherman zombie could have been replaced by the Qui-Gong Zombie, and included the original Chinese counterpart, White Radish.
  • Rice could have been introduced as an amphibious plants, which also would have tied in to the China theme.

However, looking back, there's not really a case for a should statement. My arguments really only amount to a could statement. Big Wave Beach could have been Chinese, but it's not worth splitting hairs over.

So those are some topic that have been on my mind. I hope you enjoyed it!

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