Welcome everybody, to my 100th consecutive day of contributes to the wiki! To comemmorate this event, I'm dedicating this blog to all the wonderful creators out on this site and its sister site, the PvZCC wiki. And the best way to do that than is to jot down every contribution every made to these wikis, print them on gold paper, and sumbit them to the Library of Congress! Unfortunately, due to budget limits, I'll have to settle for the second best way: Tecku's Second Community Spotlight! Let's begin.

Sting Bean

Created by ItsLeo20

A plant beloved by most of the community, Sting Bean combines the quick firepower of Ghost Pepper and Lava Guava with staying power more similar to other plants. It seems to have a very Guacodile-like feel, but makes it clear that it is not to be used against ambush zomibes (especially Imps). Versatile, but not flawless, Sting Bean is a very solid entry to the list.

Mint Leaf

Created by... Reapeageddon? I think?

A last minute find that I was just made aware of today, Mint Leaf is part of the fan world Astronomical Moon. Now, since the level seems to be in progress, I won't pass judgement on it yet, but I will say that so far the stuff for it is looking pretty good. Mint Leaf is a world-specific plant that's all but required to use, but the real kicker is that it can be used for multiple purposes. It's ability to slow down zombies lets you use it in multiple ways, annd helps counteract the negative sides of the world effect. I'm really interested in seeing where this world goes.


Created by GhostPepper12

Alright, now this, THIS is what I really hope to see when going on the wiki! Another plant that belongs to a fan world (this one being the London Fire), Fox-Glove is a very creative plant that has both its strengths and weaknesses shine through. Fox-Glove as a concept works because its really good against singular opponents, but completely lacks any sort of crowd control. It gets really potent against Gargantuars and other tough zombies, but can't stand up against ambushes. This number really gives me hope for the community, and I really want everyone to take note of it.

Javelin Zombie

Created by DarkPwnage

Now, if there's one thing that the PvZCC wiki has taught me, it's that some people will go straight for the least original thing they can think of. In particular, the projectile-launching zombies are almost always based on Zombotany, with no way to distunguish themselves. The Javelin Zombie on the other hand is not only original, he's a zombie I would LOVE to see in game. The Javelin Zombie has a very strong mechanic, but his limited ammo and weakness to Magnet Shroom makes him very balanced. If I were to ever make a Roman world for PvZ2, you'd better believe this baby'd be in it!


Created by Jimmy2004

Troato is a defensive plant with a Chard Guard edge to it. The fact that it can only throw a certain number of leaves gives it some identity to make it stand out from Pea-Nut. A very good plant with a fair amount of possibility to it. Not much to say, really.

Follow Pea

Creator Uglyfish63

Follow Pea is a very original idea that I really like. I first heard about it in my Aspearagus blog, and while I still think my idea is better, I will give kudos for coming up with the idea first. Follow Pea's stick of following the cursor around really demonstates the well of untapped ideas left in the PvZ franchise. I really hope that this goes on to inspire more people someday.

Well, that's all for this batch. Don't worry if your idea didn't get in. I'll probably do another one of these in the future. In the meantime though keep on creating! Later!