Hello guys! Man, it's been awhile, hasn't it? I've been really busy with schoolwork, but for right now, I have some freetime, so I figured I'd tackle a long overdue subject.....

As stated in my Fan Content Creation 101 blog, the PvZCC site is bloated with tons fan-made projects, many of them not very good. However, for every patch of rough, there is one tiny little diamond shining through. Today, I'm here to talk about the gems. So join me now, as I present to you... Tecku's Community Spotlight!

For this blog post, I'm going to talk about what I feel are some of the better ideas of the PvZCC wiki. These are the ideas that stand out above the rest. Now, there are obviously some things on the wiki that got popular without necessarily being balanced or viable. So obviously, finding the better material is not necessary simple. With that being said, here are some of the better ideas I've seen on the wiki.


Creator: CC00

While creators that can produce multiple good works are few are far between, CC00 is one of the truly saving graces of the PvZCC wiki. He has multiple good ideas, so expect to see him multiple times on this list.

Karmation's schitk is that it puts an effect on nearby plants so that zombies eating them take damage. While I'm sure somebody somewhere has done the idea before, I don't think I've seen it done as well as Karmation does. It has a Sun Bean-like effect, but doesn't necessary work well against tough zombies. It sounds fun to use, and could even have potential in game.


Creator: SquashCake

Now, a recurring theme I see way too often on the PvZCC wiki is zombie/plant conversion. The are countless ideas that turn plants into zombies or vice versa, and almost all of them fall flat on their face. The two entities are very different, and yet countless people try to knock off Zombotany and Hypo-Shroom without understand why they work. So when I put one of those ideas on the list, you know it's something special.

Egg-Plant creates Chicken Zombies that fight for you. Now, that sounds really simple, but there's a beauty to it. The Chickens normally get eaten in one bite, but if stunning plants like Iceberg Lettuce or Stunion are used, the Chickens would be able to do multiple damage shot before dying. This unique mechanic not only makes it balanceable, it makes it stand out greatly from the other plants.

Now, admittedly, the current iteration has a few balance problems. The current versions creates a whopping 9 Chickens every 2 seconds for only 175 Sun, with 3 Chickens per lane. However, I am confident that this idea may be one of the greatest that the wiki has ever produced.


Creator: Tecku

Yeah, yeah. Shameless self-promo, blah, blah, blah. However, I do feel quite conifdent that Brocomotive is of high enough quality for this list. And don't forget, I'm part of the community, too.

Brocomotive has a unique mechanic where it charges out a set distance at zombies, but can be eaten on the return trip. This forces players to think about where they want to place Brocomotive, as well as when to use it. Do you put it further back to make the return safer? Or do you place it further ahead for more damage, but with a greater chance of being destoryed? A unique idea that hosts multiple strategies with your other plants, I like to think of Brocomotive as a pretty good plant idea.

Rhubarbed Wire

Creator: CC00

Another great idea by CC00, Rhubarbed Wire forms a Pumpkin-like barrier around plants, damaging zombies that wander too close. This idea makes excellent use of the Pumpkin mechanic while also being original and trying something new. Another great idea, really.


Creator: Rx2MikeyWIKIA

While being an idea stated in a blog post instead of actually being placed on the wiki (kinda ironic, eh Mikey? ), Pear is a pretty good idea for the time being. It's different enough from Heavenly Peach in that it's better for a momentary defense, but less effective over time. A pretty good idea that I hope makes it to the wiki someday (though it'll have to use a different name since Pear is taken).

Burial Zombie

Creator: RotomGuy

Burial Zombie makes use of the crater mechanic from PvZ1 by digging up the first plant it reaches and creating a crater. While this idea may be annoying to fight against, it's actually kind of.. good. Or at least, better than PopCap. Unlike Surfboards and Octopi, the crater will dissapear after awhile, and will only be created if the zombie actually reaches a plant.

Furthermore, in large amounts, it can be assumed that you will have an adequate defense, and the zombie will have to travel awhile across other crater to reach a plant. In other words, Huge amounts doesn't automatically ruin gameplay. And that's not even considering whether Ghost Pepper and Rotobaga can be planted. Perfect? No, but it's better than some of PopCap's takes on the issue.

Chainsaw Pea

Creator: Zomplant Jelo

Now, I've come across many plant ideas that are just random terms with the name "-shooter" slapped onto them like it's no big deal. Multi-shooter, Robo-shooter, and many more think that just slapping a term onto themselves makes them original. Most don't even bother trying to balance themselves out or make themselves unque from standard Peashooters

With that being said, Chainsaw Pea is an idea tthat takes what I hate.... and does its very best to make viable. While certainly not the best idea on this list, I can really admire that Chainsaw pea at least tries to have quality wihle also being different. It's mechanic to damage enemies behind it gives it at least something worth looking into, and it at least tries to be viable. Not something I'd put into the game, but at least it shows effort.

So that's the end of my spotlight. Know of any concepts from the wiki you like? Let me know!