Hello, again, PvZ wiki! Alright, this one was a long time coming, wasn't it? After all my moping and groping, I'm ready to pass to final judgement against the unfun and the utmost worst material that this glorious series has put out. Join me now, as...

Tecku Talks about: Top 10 Worst Zombies

Just like my Top 10 Best Zombies list, there are many ways that zombies can make the cut for this hall of shame. They can be unoriginal, unbalanced, cheap, or just unfun. So without further ado, let's get started!

Runner Up - Gargantuar Prime

As many of you know, the Far Future is my favorite level from PvZ2. Therefore, it is a very serious feat to have a zombie from that world make this list. Such is the case with the Gargantuar Prime. While the Gargantuar Prime does have extra weakness in the form of the E.M.Peach, it's laser attack more than makes up for it. The Prime is so powerful, that it had to be nerfed in the 3.1 update. Yikes.

Number 10 - Pogo Zombie

The Pogo Zombie certainly isn't the worst zombie on this list. It has set counters in the form of Tall-Nut and Magnet Shroom. But man, is it still annoying! The player has very little time to react to it when it arrives, making the entire reather unpleasant. For a much better implementation, see Jetpack Zombie.

Number 9 - Imp Cannon

The bodies of defeated Imps blocks shots for too long. No really, that's pretty much the only problem. If more shots could get through, this enemy would not be a problems at all. But as it stands, it makes Coconut Cannons hard to use and most other plants too weak. How unfortunate.

Number 8 - Mall Cop Zombie

No, this isn't cheating. I never said I wouldn't include zombies from PvZ Adventures. For those who never got a chance to play it, I can't explain this zombie very well without going into the entire concept of the game. But let me just say that these buggers were the worst, the game seemed very confused on what it wanted the player to do with them. Plants would have to be placed very close to Wall-Nuts in this game, but the Mall Cop Zombie were nearly invicible until they lost their moped- which meant either wasting instants, or letting them clear Wall-Nuts. A very poorly-thought out zombie with not nearly enough tactics to use against it.

Number 7 - Jester Zombie

When one makes a zombie 100% immune to certain types of attacks, one is playing with fire. If a zombie is really going to have an 100% immunity, it needs to be against only one type of attack, like Flying Zombies against Spikeweed. Even its predecessor the Hammer Zombie understood to give it a vunerable period. This doesn't just fail to do that, it punishes the player for useing half their artillery. Not cool.

Number 6 - Poncho Zombie

Most people are probably surprised to see Pocho Zombie on the list. "What? Poncho Zombie? What's the big deal? He's just a Regular Zombie/Buckethead with a randomness gimmick." Yes, exactly. Poncho Zombie is the peak of unoriginality. The Poncho gimmick isn't fun, it's stupid. After the zombie takes three damage, its the same as anything else. Many zombies get on the list by being broken, but this guy is a force of sheer lackluster, which is plenty good for me.

(P.S. No, the Pompador/Bikini thing isn't the same. That was a reskin. Poncho Zombie is supposed to be an entire seperate zombie.)

Number 5 - Surfer Zombie

..... I really don't want to hate this zombie. I don't. It's original, it gives utility to the tidal system. It has great potenential. If it just destoryed plants without leave a giantic tombstone, it would work. If destroying it before it reached a plant kept it from placing the board, it might work. But as is.... sigh.

Number 4 - Fisherman Zombie

I've heard that some people call Fisherman Zombie too easy. Why? Becuase his fishing hook can be stopped by Infi-Nut's plant food. Contrary to popular belief, plant food for a single plant does not qualify as a diverse number of stategies. To be blunt, Fisherman Zombie is not opposite of what he should be. He should be a weak zombie with multiple methods of countering him. Instead he has the helath of a Buckethead, and has one single strategy. Pitiful.

Number 3 - King Zombie

Why is King Zombie so high on the list? Well, think of it this way. Imagine if Miner Zombie only took half damage from backwards-shooting plants. He could still be killed, but he would resist the plant he was supposed to be countered by. That is King Zombie in a nutshell. If Magnet-Shroom takes away metal objects, he replaces them, at full health, faster than they can be taken away. Forget that.

Number 2 - Octo Zombie (and Wizard Zombie)

These two zombies are the same. They are zombies that paralyze plants and keep them from being dug up. The only difference is their health, and that octopi have thier own heath. Now, to be fair, Wizard Zombie is a lot more tolerable nowadays than he was at his release. Ghost Pepper and Banana Launcher have provided strong enough firepower to deal with both him and Jester Zombie. Unfortunately, not only is Octo Zombie a rip-off, (one.....level.....after), but it's actually worse. Not only do the octopi not disappear when it dies, but it packs as much health as a Buckethead!

With apolgies to Tyrion Lannister, we've had our rip-off zombies, and we've had our broken zombies, but I don't think we've ever been cursed with a broken rip-off for a zombie. If you want a better zombie to nullify plants, check out my #9 entry on the Top Ten Best Zombies List.

So..... what could be worse than this infamous duo? It's.....

Number 1 - Balloon Zombie

Yep. That's right. This is the zombie that I think qualifies for the worst zombie ever made. Not Octo Zombie, not Jester Zombie, no... this is the worst one. Why? Because of all 50 (plus Imitater) of the plants in the original game, only three are capable of damaging it at all (Cactus, Blover, Cattail). Not only is it zombie that has the least possible strategies, it is responsible for creating a plant with the least possible uses ever. Cactus is a Peashooter with 25 Sun slapped on just to deal with this guy. It's restrictive, it's uninteresting, and it's my choice for the worst zombie ever made. I'm just glad Jetpack Zombie turned out the way it did, instead of like this guy.

Other Zombies that didn't make the cut:

- I know many people wanted Chicken Wrangler on this list, and I understand why. However, I found that he earned some points with his originality, and there are enough stategies against him to keep him off the list. Plus, as underwhelming as Lightning Reed might be, it does create a dedicated counter to him.

- Barrel Rollers are pesky, but not pesky enough to make the cut when one factors in both Spikeweed and Spikerock.

- Very few would even consider Newspaper Zombie for this list, but I seriously did. He's bland as rice, and barely even appears in the game. However, being boring isn't enough to make the list.

- Pharaoh Zombie isn't bad, but Egypt is too early for him to appear.

Any disagreements? Any feedback? Comment below!