Merry Christmas, PvZ Wiki! Today, I post my first TWO Top 10 Lists! I love Plants vs Zombies. It's within my top ten favorite video game series, maybe even top five. And just like any great video game, it has some great enemies. And while I may have made a Top 10 Worst Zombies list, I stand by my statement. In fact, I'm here to talk about he best of the baddies.

Tecku Talks about: Top 10 Best Zombies

Before we begin, I want to talk about what makes a zombies qualified for this list. These zombies all made the list, but not all for the same reason. There are many ways that a zombie can make this list. Some zombies make this list for their great synergy with plants. Some make it for filling a niche in a clever way. Some are shining examples of how OTHER zombies should have learned from. And some make it for pure originality. So, without further ado....

Runner Up - Pirate Captain Zombie

I know a lot of people will hate that this guy nearly made it onto the list, but I think that he deserves it. He's original, and while his attacks are more annoying than some of the others, they're more than tolerable. The player can go after the parrot, or the Captain himself, creating some standard variety. He also has a key counter in Blover, which was almost enough to squeeze him in. It's close, but he represents originality, while still keeping the balace.

Number 10- Piano Zombie

This little diddy from the Wild West is great example of how a zombie can be tied in to the level mechanic. The Piano Zombie has the ability to scramble up lanes, which is very original. However, the real genius is putting him in the Wild West. In other levels, this mechanic might have been annoying but it works wonders here. Players can use the mine carts to keep the heaviest firepower on the toughest zombies, even if they change lanes. Alternatively, the player can set the heaviest firepower on the Piano Zombie itself, or employ a Spikeweed or Spikerock to end the farce quickly. A clever way to fill a niche, this zombie definitely earns it spot.

Number 9 - Ladder Zombie

Ladder Zombie originally wasn't on this list, but after the Dark Ages and BWB, I began to truly appreciate him. His mechanic devastates a ton of strategies, nullifying defensive plants and even regular plants with his speed. However, there is one mechanic that makes it tolerable. You can dig up plants that have ladder put on them. Think about it. For all the new zombies that nullify defenses that Popcap likes to show off, they haven't retained the basic lessons taught by thier ancestors. Image for a second if ladders kept the plants from being dug up. Now, look back. Maybe you'll apprecaite him more.

Number 8 - Catapult Zombie

On the list for the same reasons as Ladder Zombie, the Catapult Zombie shows Kings and Fisherman how to do a right-side support class correctly. His attacks are negable by a single plant, and that plant is likely to be in the player's arsenal. But even without Umbrella Leaf, his attacks are limited. Annoying and potentially destrutive, but limited. Furthermore, his pattern eventually brings him into the line of fire, making in worthwhile to kill him prior, but not necessary.

Number 7 - Scuba Zombie (PvZ 2 Version)

Yes, the PvZ 2 version. The Scuba Zombie in the original was fine, but this bad boy turns the tidal system from a Lily Pad gimmick into a masterpeice of brilliance. The changing tides affect how he performs, and lets different strategies thrive. Sucks that he's in one of the least balanced levels.

Number 6 - Pole Vault Zombie

The first "specialty" zombie encountered in the original game, Pole Vaulter is a great introduction to the game's mechanics and humor. Rather than simply being a faster or stronger zombie, this little bugger introduces the player to several means of thought patterns. Poles Vaulters can clear Wall-Nuts, and their speed lets them beat many weak defenses. Not too hard, not too easy, this zombie is a great introduction for things to come.

Number 5 - Ra Zombie

The first new zombie of the sequel, and man, did it hit a home run. his ability to steal Sun is great mechanic that ever so slightly tightens the player's freedom, without intruding on it. The game gives clear indicatiions that Sun is being stolen, and gives it back when he's defeated, making him a great zombie, while barely even sratching the surface of annoyance.

Number 4 - Shield Zombie

I think my Far Future review sums it up perfectly:

- Shield Zombie had a great, unique mechanic. The shield can really drive a zombie horde, and forces the player to mix up their stategies. However, unlike Jester Zombie, Shield Zombie has a lot of weaknesses, too. He can be disabled with E.M.Peach. He is absolutely shut down by Laser Bean, Snapdragon, and Spikeweed. His shield can be overloaded with constant fire. And perhaps most noticeably, his shield is disabled upon reaching a plant. These weakness create just as much strategies as they do destroy, and keeps the gameplay fun.

Number 3 - Zomboni

The original titan with the Achilles heel, the Zomboni was really a great maneuver by the creators of the first game. His slow, but destruvice machine makes him a real threat to any unprepared defense, but ca nbe stopped dead in his tracks by Spikeweed. Furthermore, his ice trail encourages players to take him down quickly, but the fact that it eventually melts keeps it balanced. A great zombie for a great game.

Number 2 - Jetpack Zombie

Again, I think my Far Future review sums it up perfectly: - Jetpack Zombies are great at what they were built for. They can clear ill-prepared defeses quickly with their ability, but they have set weaknesses. Blover shuts them down, as does Tall-Nut, as well as any strong defense.

Jetpack Zombies are great for forcing the player to take new stategies, but still allows plenty of freedom for seed picks. He can get the unprepared, but can be destroyed easily with the right picks. He's the best example "zombie that bypasses defenses" done right. Not to mention the fact that it fits the aestheticis of the future perfectly. I just really love this guy.

Number 1 - Dancing Zombie

This little fellow is..... astounding. The Dancing Zombie has the ability to summon other zombies, which is a trait that could easily become tedious to fight. And yet, they made it work beutifully. The entire posse has to stop when just one of them muches a plant, which turns its strength into an equal weakness. Furthermore, they made the mechanic clear by making the dancers synchronize with each other, providing the player with clear, concise information. He's fun to play against, he's hilarious, and he's my pick for the best zombie between the two games.

Others that didn't make the list:

- I'll bet half the people who are reading this want the Regular Zombie on the list, and the other half are glad he's not. I'm just one of the ones who think he shouldn't. Think about it this way, if he was on the list, he would either have to number ten just to put him on the list out of courtesy, or garaunteed to be number one, which would just make entry bland and the list shorter. So sorry, but he's off.

- Football Zombie is great, but he's just a faster, stronger Buckethead. And that's fine. But it's enough to compete in one of the most original tower defense games ever.

- Miner Zombie and Prospector Zombie probably would have made the top fifteen, but they were just not quite good enough. Thier whole schitck is forcing the player to use backwards shooting plants, which can get a wee bit stale. Furthermore, of the two, Prospector Zombie is the better of the two, with the ability to stop him before the jump feeling leading to more options. However, he's pretty out-of-place in his own world, barely tying in to the railcart theme.

Have disagreement? Any zombies you think should have made the list? Comment below!