Hey guys! I'm going to be blog-less for a little bit for two reasons. For one, I don't want to be on the main wiki until Dandelion drops, as I don't want to be spoiled. The other reason is about my next blog. It will be a community spotlight on the better ideas at the PvZCC wiki. For this, I need to gather ideas and suggestions. (I also want to include but one single idea of mine, and I need to get a picture made for it.)

Now, many of you have probably read my "Zomboss and Originality" blog post, where I talked about what about designing bosses. Well, since then, I've come up with some ideas, and I figured I would share them with you.

Tecku Talks About: Some Boss Ideas

Grave Danger

In the Grave Danger boss fight, the four rightmost columns of the arena are completely covered with graves (which re-spawn instantly if destroyed). The boss in this fight is a spirit-like behemoth who splits himself into two smaller spirits, which each hide in one of the graves. The player has to try to remember which two graves the spirits went into, and destroy them with Grave Busters. Once both graves have been destroyed, the entire being appears, allowing the player to deal damage. After a while, the boss will split again and hide back in the graves. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This level is a locked and loaded level. The plants used are Twin Sunflower, Grave Buster, Cabbage-Pult, Melon-Pult, Banana Launcher, Iceberg Lettuce, and Squash. This selection guarantees that the plants will not attack the graves unless there are no enemies on the lane. This makes it the player's responsibility to destroy graves with Grave Buster (or Banana Launcher).

Other notes:

- As the boss fight progresses, the big boss will split himself into three, then four parts.

- Graves that contain spirits will ocassionally glow, in case the player couldn't keep track.

- In goes without saying that since the graves respawn instantly, the player cannot planton the ride side of the field.

- The boss may or may not have attack patterns while exposed.

Over a Barrel

Taking place on the Pirate Seas, this boss fight is very similar to the Plank-Walker fight, but with a mechanic involving "Ship Health". In addition to sending zombies to reach your cabin, Zomboss will send out two unique zombies- Seagull that carry explosive barrels, and Barrel Rollers with explosives instead of Imps. If either of these zombies reach you ship (NOT if they cross your ship), their bombs will explode and reduce your ship's health. If your ship loses all of it's health, you're sunk.

The main difference with this battle is that now certain zombies must be stopped before even crossing the planks/water, but it isn't game over right away if they do. Granted, it's still similar to the first battle, but it's still original enough to be it's own fight.

Other notes:

- Zomboss uses a uniqe ship for this fight instead of the plank walker. Any shots that cross the plank will damage the ship (so all five lanes can damage the boss at any given time).

- At any given time, three lanes will have planks, and two will have water. However, Zomboss's unique ship can MOVE the planks up and down, re-locating both the plants and zombies on said plank with it. Seagull enemies and Imp Cannons are not moved, as well as plants and zombies on your ship itself.

Twist n' Shout

Okay, this one may be hard to visualize, but bear with me.

This mode is a "Save our Seeds" level, but with a "Special Delivery" mechanic for obtaining plants. A Coconut Cannon is the plant to be saved, and rests on a minecart track that takes up the entire left column. During the fight, special tornadoes will appear on the screen from time to time. These twisters will redirect your shots into different lanes (the direction is indicated by a signpost inside the twister).

Not too difficult, right? Well, here's where it gets tricky. During the boss fight, you will occasionally have to play a mini-game with the boss. A sandstorm will kick up, shrouding the entire field except for the Coconut Cannon and the boss. Between them, a few column of twisters will appear. Your goal will be to fire the Coconut Cannon such that the twisters will knock the shot into the boss. If you miss, the boss will lasso away a large quantity of your plants.

(If people have trouble picturing this, I will include a text picture here).

Other notes:

- The plants that will be delivered via conveyor belt are Pea Pod, Threepeater, Bonk Choy, Chili Bean, Tall Nut, and Torchwood.

- Since the boss is only one lane thick, it cannot be a Zomboss machine.

Gravity Cavity

For this fight, Zomboss has engineered a series of anti-projectile rift barracades to protect his contraption. These devices will absorb any plant attacks into miniature black holes, making him utterly invincible. Unfortunatley for him, the system has an Achilles' hell..... well, two actually. The barracades can't do squat against any type of Plant Food-boosted attacks.... and their electric nature makes them vunerable to E.M. Peach.

This battle let you pick your plants, though two plants have been picked for you- Tile Turnip and E.M. Peach. The main goal of the fight is to build up a strong array of power tiles to be used against the barracades.

Other Notes:

- Laser Bean and other AOE attacks do not penetrate the barricades unless boosted by Plant Food.

- I am considering making Power Lily a third pre-selected slot.

So you've proably noticed that these battles fit perfectly within the first four worlds. Well, to be honest, that's mostly an accidental by-product. Grave Danger, Twist n' Shout and Gravity Cavity all began as being bos fight that could take place in any world, but when you use graves, railcarts, and force feilds, it was just simpler to line them up with each world. Over a Barrel is the only fight that HAS to be in a specific world.

So those are my boss battles! I may or may not do a sequel to this someday, but I think that this is good for now. In the meantime, I need help in finding good PvZCC creations. If you know of any good fan content, let me know below! (if need be, I may create a blog post specifically dedicated to submissions).