Hello, and welcome back to Tecku Talks! Amongst my many blog posts, I have had two Tecku Talks where each was dedicated a single plant- Bowling Bulb and the Community, and Chomper and the Community. These ideas discussed the state of the plants, and community ideas to improve them. However, today, my plant-based blog is a little different....

Tecku Talks About: Spring Bean

First off, let me explain the difference between my "and the Community" blog and this blog. In the former, I discuss the balance of the plants (usually how UP they are), as well as ideas on how to improve them. However, today, I will not be discussing how to change Spring Bean. Why? Well, we'll get to that later. Let's begin.

Standard Useage

Spring Bean is introduced in the Pirate Seas, where it is pretty good at what it does. Its ability to knock zombies backwards into water is offset by the fact that it only kills them if placed on certain tiles, as well as by its slow recharge. However, Spring Bean is almost useless on other levels, as it cannot kill anything, it can only knock back one zombie at a time, and its recharge is much too slow. In short, while it is balanced in the Pirate Seas, it is rather pathetic on other levels..... unless one uses a certain combo.

Plant Food (no Blover)

Spring Bean's Plant Food gives it the ability to knock zombies into the air and backwards, or into nearby water. On the Pirate Seas, this is an incredible Plant Food effect, as it can often kill nearly every zombie on the plank lanes, and most of the non-flying zombies on the open lanes. However, in other worlds, all it does is knock zombies back.... one square. That is the equivalent of 4 extra seconds. On its own, it is the second worst Plant Food effects, beating only Lily Pad's.

PF + Blover

Yeah.... oh boy. This is one of the biggest complaints against Spring Bean. Using Plant Food and Blover together is one of the most overpowered combos in PvZ history. Now, to be fair, having a powerful effect is beneficial to Spring Bean, as it is usually underpowered. However, this merely changes it from 'underpowered' to 'broken'. Using Plant Food and another plant as a counterbalance to its standard uselessness doesn't work- it just breaks the gameplay, especially when Zen Garden is available. This is also why Bowling Bulb doesn't work- a highly specialized Plant Food effect does not fix the plant itself.

So, if I have all these gripes about Spring Bean, why didn't I make this a "and the Community" blog? Well, because the better plant already exists!

Spring Bean vs. Chard Guard

Chard Guard is, in my opinion, what Spring Bean should have been. Chard Guard can use his attacks 3 times precisely, and has boosted toughness. However, Chard Guard's Plant Food is certainly lesser than Spring Bean's, providing a much more balanced feel for the gameplay. The real kicker, however, is how they target. Chard Guard can knock back a group of zombies, instead of just one, making him more reliable, while still keeping him balanced.

All in all, Spring Bean isn't really a fun plant to use, unless you plan on using him regularly on the Pirate Seas. And having a plant only be usable in one world is fine. But I really wish he had been more like Chard Guard. Do you agree?