Hello, guys! Yeah, you knew this was coming. Now, I stayed mostly spoiler free for Neon Mixtape Tour Side A. Sure, there was no escape the names of the plants and zombies, but my impressions were fairly blank coming in. And I gotta say, barring the Future and the Pirate Seas, this is my favorite level in PvZ2 so far. Sure, there are some problems I have with it, but this is of the most original levels Popcap has ever put together. Let's begin.

The concept is a very clever one- the different music makes the zombies move at different speeds, and makes certain zombies act differently. This is probably one of the more clever ideas Popcap has had, since it lets the battle change thoughout the level, yet still form patterns to follow. With that being said, one of my two big complaints is how extreme the speed change is- especially when battles enter the final wave on a high-speed song. I personally think songs should have a limit on how long they play- if a song has played for a mintue or so, reset to a defualt beat.

The plants on this level are fantasic. Let's go over them:

  • Cactus's change is a very welcome one for me. She's gone from being an overpriced Peashooter knockoff to a fantastic muti-purpose plant. I've given Pea-nut and Red Stinger the name "anti-ambush plant" in the past, but I think Cactus really earns it. I just wish we could get her with Gems....
  • Phat Beet is a fantastic new plant with a ton of potential strategies. And yes, I'm well aware he was based off the PvZ Online version of Dandelion. But for his worldwide debut, I think they picked a pretty good world to debut him in.
  • Celery Stalker is a great idea that opens up a lot of new strategies. In my Great Balancing Take 2 blog I tried to make Bloomerang more focused on damage from behind since we didn't have a lot of plants to do that. A very unique idea that shows Popcap hasn't dried up that grey tank yet.
  • Thyme Warp is probably as original a plant as you're going to get in PvZ2, and I think he pulls off his job rather well. Using this guy correctly pretty much demands that the player get creative, which is a fantastic thing in my book. (Edit: I hear that Thyme Warp is only useable in NMT. Lame.)

The new zombies are also great:

  • Punk Zombie's ability opens up some new challenges, but his weakness is really where he shines. Incorporating Magnet-Shroom is a unique concept, and one that gets pulled off very well.
  • Glitter Zombie is incredibly creative, and is a great answer to the AOE nature of PvZ2. I really like how multi-hitter like Laser Bean finally have a counter.
  • MC Zom-B.. I need to time to make up my mind on him. But since this is a first impressions, I'll give mine. I think he should deal less damage with his mic, but have more health. If he's giving ya trouble, try Lava Guava out.

So yeah, I really like the new zombies. There's just one itsy bitsy teeny weeny little complaint that I must just have though. Well... um.... what complete and utter MORON thought the Gargantuar shockwave attack could possibly be even remotely considered a good idea?!? Did you really think something with that much health should have an insta-kill long range attack that is can use multiple times IN A ROW? Was it really someone's dream to take Gargantuar Prime and just buff the living daylight out of him? Isn't moving at double speed enough?

And don't tell me "It's only during one jam." Almost every level with him ends with the music stuck on metal at the end. For land's sake, Octo Zombie is pointing at this freak at laughing! Geez.... don't count on me to be playing the Endless Zone. Can't you imaging having one of this guy on every lane, just destorying everything?

But, in the end, NMT is still a great experience. It has an Achilles' heel or two, but I much prefer it to the likes of DA or BWB. It's a great level, and I really like it. Here's hoping Part 2 is just as good (and includes a new Brain Buster)!