Hey guys! Normally, I have a decent intro, then go into detailed reviews. This time, I'm just jumping right in.

The plants are show me that Popcap isn't dead for ideas, and has plenty of brainpower and creativity left.

- Spore Shroom

This guy is really original. Like, really original, but I feel like I'm not using this guy right. It feels like either the new plant gets eaten right away, the zombie dies on a filled tile, or another plant delivers the final blow every time. It does feel like it's my fault and not the plant's, though.

- Garlic

I'm glad as everyone else to see him return, but this was NOT the world to introduce him in. The Breakdancer Zombies can kinda be dealt with via two Garlics in the lane, but Punk, MC, Aracde, and Glitter zombie render him near useless in every jam. (Not to mention the Gargantuars......)

- Electric Blueberry

I ain't shelling out seven bucks for this. She's a unique plant, and may or may not be helpful in the endless zones, but this is the last straw. For that price, I could buy a whole new video game from some places. Don't get me wrong, she LOOKS amazing. She's fun to use, and delivers a very unique play style. But this is where I draw the line.

- Intensive Carrot

Not gonna lie, I always thought that revive plants would be too hard to code, since the game would have to keep track of which plants had been planted. Well, congrats to the creator of Grain Grave / Mourning Glory. You earned it. Anyways, he's probably more useful in levels where high-cost plants get destoryed fast, but the Gargantuar makes him plausible here.

- Breakdancer Zombie

This is my interpretation of a good idea gone wrong. He moves much too fast and can kick Gargantuars, which really gives you very little time to deal with him. Worse, he shares his jam with MC Zombie. Now, I could see this idea working. But not in this way.

- Boombox Zombie

Okay... this one's weird. I really thought this guy would be OP... but he seems to work. Maybe it's because Phat Beet and other plants are immune to him. Maybe it's how he has to reach a tile, or how the effects are temporary. Maybe it's because he negates other jams. Or maybe it's because he BARELY shows up at all. I dunno, it's so hard to judge when I've barely seen him.

- Arcade Zombie

Annoying. Just annoying. Deadly? Sometimes, but mostly annoying. Having new zombies block the machine is annoying. Aracde machine crushing plants is annoying. Having him appear in Greatest Hits Day 1 and blocking off your Peashooter array is really annoying. My advice? Use Thyme Warp to make much less annoying.

- Zomboss Mutli-Stage Masher

Not a bad fight.... until you hit the last act. The first four stages are fairly well blanced (though the first can catch you off gaurd if you're not lucky), but the last one is just painful. No plants lasts more than six seconds in that segment. This is why I don't think we should have a Metal jam at all.

Final thought? I think that the plants were great, and very original. The zombies weren't quite up to snuff, but they did seem to have.... passable implementation. All in all, it well earned that 4/5 diffuculty, but it was better than BWB, that's for sure.