Heyo, guys. For this Tecku Talks, I'm going to talk about what I would have done differently if I had complete control over the PvZ2 department. This is just going to be a cute little "what if" blog.

For argument's sake, we're going to say I had complete knowledge of everything that has happened so far in the PvZ2 game, and I have complete control over development. Here's what I would have done....

Format Changes:

  • 1.7 changes are reversed. Sun is now worth 25 and maps get pathway systems back. However, Gems are used to unlock gates instead of world keys.
  • Mushrooms follow the "Great Balancing Take 2" format. They work in the daytime, but not as well as they do at night.

Name Changes:

  • Toadstool -> Solar Chomper. Toadstool becomes a new plant, and Chomper gets to keep the swallow technique.
  • Lightning Reed -> Zap Apple. Apples are one of the world's most known fruit, and it needs some representation in game. Furthermore, this opens up oppurtunities for stronger variants like "Thunder Apple" or "Bolt Apple". (Also, this is not supposed to be a reference to anything. Zap Apple is just an easy pun. Let's not start anything here.
  • Guacodile -> Crocreedile/Reedodile/Gator Reed. When you think about it, a reed is a much better plants to use for both water and land.
  • Gold Leaf -> Dorado Avocado. This lets Avocado still have representation. In my opinion, it's also a much better pun, not to mention that it fits with the Lost City theme.
  • Banana Launcher -> Bamboo Shoot. You can really see the connection to the PvZA and the GW versions of Bamboo Shoot. Bananas will get a a new plant.
  • Bowling Bulb -> Bowling Berries. Alright, this is the weakest change I have here. I just think we need more berry based plants besides Strawbust. Fires Blueberries, Cranberries, and Acai Berries.


  • Egypt is mostly the same, but Bonk Choy comes later.
  • The Pirate Seas are the same.
  • Imperial China (see below)
  • The Dark Ages (follows the Great Balancing Take 2).
  • The Wild West is mostly the same, but Cactus is introduced here instead of the 80's.
  • The Far Future is mostly the same.
  • BWB (follows the Great Balancing Take 2).
  • Ancient Rome (see below)
  • Frostbite Caves remains the same.
  • Lost City remains fairly similar. Gold Leaf/Dorado Avocado can be used on any world.
  • Ninja Night Japan (see below)
  • 80's
  • World War I themed level

Imperial China: Bonk Choy, Split Pea, and Starfruit are introduced in this level. This level contains zombies which make you think outside of the box, including Prospector Zombie (now has a firework theme), and a zombie that uses stilts to bypass you plants.

Ancient Rome: Aspearagus, Pumpkin, and Persian Sheild (blocks enemy projectiles) are introduced here. Zombies use weapon rack to equip themselves for battle.

Wold War I: This level introduces Rhubarb Wire, Flax Cannon, and other war-themed plants. Be careful of air raids!