Tecku Talks About: Frostbite Caves Part 2

Hey guys! I just got back from Frostbite Caves Part 2! And what did I think? Well, to be blunt, I can sum it up in about two words: hectic and fun. Yeah, pretty much that.

- The Troglobite has a brilliant mechanic. Players can attack the Troglobite itself, or slow it down with Stunion or Sap-fling, giving players time to thaw out the ice blocks. He can be a just a wee bit annoying in high numbers, seeing as you can't plant on ice blocks, but he's way better than Octo Zombie. Pick good plants and keep your wits about you and you should be fine.

- Weasel Hoarder is very similar to Chicken Wrangler, except you should pick Rotobaga instead of Lightning Reed. She makes the gameplay hectic, but somehow feels... a little less annoying than the Chicken Wrangler. A pretty good zombie.

- Stunion is... kinda bland. Lately, PvZ2 has had a lot of this plants with a mediocre recharge that focus on spending Sun to deal with zombies in a nearby area. Stunion is fine, but after Ghost Pepper, Hurrikale, and Chard Guard being released fairly around the same time, he doesn't stand out as much. Now, his mechanic is fine, and it even works pretty well against the newer zombies (mostly Troglobite). But he just doesn't speak to me as much as the other plants like him did.

- Rotobaga is pretty much Startfruit. It's different enough to justify being its own plant, but now I have no need to buy Starfruit. I mean, I love it, and I love using it. It's a great plant, especially in its home world. But why would I want to buy Starfruit now?

- The Zomboss battle was AMAZING. By far, this is the most original Zomboss fight they've had since they introduced his PvZ2 format. If I had to list a downside, it felt a little too easy... but really, I couldn't tell what was going on half the time. The "thaw the mammoth out" mechanic is amazing, and I had a lot of fun with this guy.

So, do I have any complaints? Well, yes, there is one. In Icebound Battleground, the game has a bad tendency to freeze an entire lane solid... then swarm said lane with Snow Weasels. It's annoying, especially without Fire Peashooter or Pepper-pult.

All in all, I had a lot of fun. The levels weren't too hard, but I think even Moonshan has to admit that there's a lot more strategy needed for the later levels. I had a great time, and that's all that matters. Great job, PopCap!