Hello, guys! My next blog will be a quick blog post about some various topics that were too small for thier own post (Starfruit vs Rotobaga, Dandelion first impressions, etc.). But after that, I'll be running a blog dedicated to the good ideas made by the community.

Problem is, there's a lot more junk than gold on the PvZCC wiki, and I don't have time to meander up and down the community wiki in search of the gems. So, I'm counting on you guys for submissions. If you know of any good content for the post, let me know!

Now, keep in mind:

  • I'm looking for ideas that are both imaginative and balanced, but I can be lenient on both. At the very least, if you think the page has what it takes, let me know. I can't use an idea I don't hear about!
  • I'm going to be looking at everything- plants, zombies, areas, and anything else game related. Don't be shy!
  • If you're submitting one of your own ideas, make sure to finish it and polish it up BEFORE recommending it to me. I'll be fair when judging, but you only get one chance to make a first good impression.
  • I'm not afraid to showcase multiple ideas from the same user. Give me all you've got!

For criteria on good fan content, see my blog post "Fan Content Creation 101". It's a good starting place. Thank you!