Welcome back to Tecku Talks. Many people have different opinions on Chomper. Some think he's great, some think he's terrible, some think he's situational, some think he's broken. But what's my take? Well, he's... hmm...

Alright, picture this. You're back in elementary school, in one of those just-for-fun afternoon sports teams run by the community. And there's this one kid who's really enejetic, but has no stamina whatsoever. He shows up to every practice, tries hard every game, and he's always there for his fellow teammates. Plus, his high energy let's him do some things that others can't. However, instead of being able to support his team, you feel that the team has to be built around using him every time you play. Now, on the one hand, his specialty probably isn't worth the bother of using him on the team, as there are more reliable and efficient players. On the other hand, he's so iconic and fun to play with, you don't really care.

But as the years go by, you move into middle school, then high school. The fun sessions by the community turn into a competive team by the school. The sign-ups get replaced by try-outs, and there isn't room for everyone anymore. And that kid wants to keep playing. He improves his stamia, loses a few pounds, and starts training on his own. But new athletes emerge with puberty, and the descision is made. You'll never forget the fun you guys had, but he's just not fit to deal with the new challenges.

Tecku Talks About: Chomper and the Community

Chomper is a really iconic plant to the series. He's one of the first plants you get, and one of the only ones to become a playable character in Garden Warfare. Now, Chomper is not known for being reliable. He has a very bad tendancy to eat a zombie that's almost dead already, making him almost pointless. However, he could take out some tougher zombies in one hit, making him somewhat useful.

However, in the second game, not only did he debut WAAAAY later than he should have, he lost a significant amount of luster. While his reduction in time between chewings is an improvement, he just can't compare with the new plants we've gotten. Bonk Choy and especially Snapdragon are better at being close range plants, whereas Magnifying Grass serves the utility of "instant with a fast recharge" to a T.

So, what can be done? Well, for starters, Chomper needs to take the first bite faster. In the first game, he could usually get at least one bite in, even without a Wall-Nut. Now, there's a good chance he'll be eaten before he even gets his kicks in. But beyond that, here are a few ideas to make Chomper more fun:

1) Shorten delays between chomps

This one is the most simple on the list, yet probably the least feasible. Hastening Chomper would make him better, but simply increasing the eating speed would either be negable over time, or overpowered from the get-go. There just isn't a good middle ground.

2) Let Chomper have a weak attack while he chews

This idea is a bit better, but not by much. If Chomper spat out damaging goop or lashed out with his tongue during his meal, he would be a better close range plant. However, this seems to contradict the nature of Chomper, and makes him overly-complicated.

3) Chomper gives a bonus for finishing his chewing

This idea rewards the player for not just using Chomper, but for keeping him alive long enough for at least the second bite. However, what whould the bonus be?

3-A) Chomper chews faster with each zombie

A much better idea than idea number one, this idea rewards the player for having Chomper out on the field for longer periods of time. This allows Chomper to serve both aspects without over-powering either. However, not only would Chomper require visual cues for this mechanic, timing the periods could be very hard to balance.

3-B) Chomper produces Sun upon finishing a zombie

This could work, but would probably be better as an alternative plant.

3-C) Chomper's burp knocks zombies back

A visually appealing idea that ties in better to the AOE age, this idea ties in perfectly with the plant food mechanic. Knockback would give more time to finish off weak zombies, while keeping heavy zombies in range on Chomper.

P.S.- I had an idea about the burp knocking weaker zombie further back, making it more likely for Chomper to munch on the tougher, closer zombies. That might be overly complicated, though.

4) Chomper now automatically targets the highest-health zombie in range

Yes. So much yes. At the risk of being overpowered, this ability would really make Chomper more reliable. I know it might be hard to code, but it would be really benficial. If the zombie with the highest health is too big to eat, Chomper would keep biting it until it had lower health, making it better against Gargantuars. I would love this.

So, what do you, the community, think about Chomper? Does he need changes? Which change is you favortie? Do you have an idea for changing him? Comment below?

My next Tecku Talks will be about Frostbite Caves when it comes out. I am avoiding all spoilers on it until it arrives.