Hello again guys! You may recall that awhile back, I mad a Tecku Talks about Aspearagus, and how it could be implemented into a PvZ2 format. Well, I think it's about time Bamboo Shoot got his own post as well. Now, this blog is going to be quite a bit more interactive. We're going to go through this over a couple of days, designing Bamboo Shoot as we go.

Tecku Talks About: Bamboo Shoot and the Community

Part One: Brainstorming

Now, to create a suitable Bamboo Shoot for PvZ2, we should look at Bamboo Shoot's past iterations. Bamboo Shoot was introduced int PvZA as the heavy-hitter plant. It did more damage than Peashooters, and hit every enemy on a tile. This role was reinforced in Garden Warfare, where Bamboo Shoot has become one of the strongest summonable plants available, with a fairly long range and wide blast radius. Bamboo Shoot even was going to be included in BWB as the plant that would eventually become Banana Launcher. All these points agree that Bamboo Shoot is a heavy hitter with a high Sun cost and a strong AOE attack.

But wait! PvZ2 has its fair share of AOE plants, some of which already fufill the strong plant role! In particular, Melon Pult and Banana Launcher stand in the way of simply having Bamboo Shoot be a strong plant that can attack all enemies on a tile. So what can we do? Simple. We give Bamboo Shoot a unique mechanic. But what mechanic should we use? Let's brainstorm:

  • Attacks all zombies on one tile (no unique mechanic)
  • Attacks all zombies on one tile on lanes on, above, and below
  • Shoots whichever tile on lane/screen has most zombies
  • Shoots at tile that has the zombie with the most health
  • Shoots at alternating tiles on lane (hits one tile, skips next, hits next one, etc.)
  • Always shoots the same tile a set distance away (about 4 tiles).
  • Tap/Drag Bamboo Shoot to target a tile, including lane on, above or below. Bamboo Shoot will always target that square until intructed otherwise.
  • Can shoot multiple rounds, each round hitting a tile for medium damage. If zombies are grouped on one or two tiles, the shots will double up for more damage.

Part Two: Analysis

Now, let's take a closer look at each mechanic and see how each one measures up:

The first two mechanics are very bland, and do very little to differentiate themselves from other plants. In particluar, the second resembles a cross between Treepeater and Dandelion. Plants should be diverse from each other and have their own unique playstyle, which these don't provide.

The third and fourth mechanics are better and show usefulness. We don't have any plants that follow these mechanics yet. However, they could be very hard to code, since its not known how the game keeps track of every zombie. Furthermore, Bamboo Shoot's main appeal is firepower and range, not self-precision. Let's leave these two for someone else to make plants off of.

The fifth and sixth mechanics are very unique and revolve around the idea of heavy firepower, but both have their own flaws. The fifth one is overly complicated and doesn't really do anything strategicly beneficial, whereas the sixth one would have almost no variety to it, since you would use it the same way every time. Again, both could be used as their own plant idea, but for now, let's aim for the cream of the crop.

The seventh idea is left as one of the two main canidates for Bamboo Shoot. In this format, Bamboo Shoot becomes very potent and very flexible for damaging zombies, but has to be baby-sat constantly as the zombies move on. On the plus side, it's unique, can be used with a variety of strategies, and follows Bamboo Shoot's appeal. On the down side, it treads into Banana Launcher's territory, as well as my Asperagus idea. Of the two better choices, this one is the stable choice. Safe, but reliable and very potent.

The eighth candidate remains as the other potential mechanic. In this format, Bamboo Shoot will deal a little damage to every zombie on the lane, but will deal more damage if they're clumped together. This mechanic just screams Bamboo Shoot, which I love, but it could be very hard to explain to players. A good choice, if perhaps a bit experimental.

Final Stats

  • Can shoot multiple rounds, each round hitting a tile for medium damage. If zombies are grouped on one or two tiles, the shots will double up for more damage.
  • Costs 425 Sun
  • Fast Recharge

We have a winner! Both mechic seven and mechanic eight had potentitial to become Bamboo Shoot, but in the end I think this idea just fits better. It's more original, follows the GW style of shooting, and would have a lot of diverse strategies. I hope that you guys enjoyed my rendition of Bamboo Shoot. See you next time!