Hey guys. Now that the Summer Nights Festival is over, I think it's pretty safe to say that there won't be any more holiday specials. Popcap will probably just keep the cycle going for next year when Halloween comes around. However, that doesn't mean that the creativity has to stop. Here are some new plant ideas for the holiday specials we have.

Lawn of Doom: Pumpkin

The only non-original plant, Pumpkin from PvZ makes its return here. Predicable? Yes, but still enjoyable, festive, and classic.

The Foodening: Cranberry

Cranberry is a special plant made to fit in with the Thanksgiving feast feel. Normally, Cranberry throws berries at enemies in a pult-like manner. If tapped or destroyed, however, Cranberry explodes into cranberry sauce, damaging and stunning enemies in front of it. The longer Cranberry has before the detontation, the more damage it deals. A great plant that combines Guacodile's function with heavier damage against its killer.

Feastivus: Missle-Tow

Joy to the earth! Missle-Tow is a single useage plant that is great for dealing with both a singlular tough zombie and any zombies behind it. Missle-Tow will latch onto the first plant to reach her, then drags them to back of lane. If any zombies are in the way, they'll hit the poor towed zombie, dealing damage to both of them! Once Missle-Tow reaches the back of the lane, she explodes, damaging any fools nearby. This makes Missle-Tow especially great on levels where you have both strong ambush zombies and zombies that hang out at the right.

Luck O' The Zombie: Shamrock

Shamrock works like his PvZA form: shoots far off enemies, hides when ememies gets close. This makes him invincible to many zombies, but since he hides from zombies on adjacent lanes, it's a mixed blessing.

The Springening: Egg Plant

A plant made by Squashcake on the PvZCC wiki. Releases a plant version of the Zombie Chicken to peck at enemies. Very strong when couples with stunning plants, since the birds will get more hits in quickly.

Summer Nights: Romaine Candle

Romaine Candle is a fireworks-themed plant (Romaine Lettuce + Roman Candle) that has four leaves. Tap on Romaine Candle to set off one of the leaves like a firecracker. You can tap on it multiple times to set off multiple leaves. Great for both single tough targets and multiple waves of weak zombies.

Do you have any holiday plant idea?

My next blog (after NMT 1st Impressions) will be my second community spotlight. If you have any ideas or submissions post them below.

Update: I'm visiting the wiki less until NMT Side A launches. But in the meantime, I'm going to bounce an idea off you guys.

Persian Shield- Can be planted on another plant similar to Pumpkin. Blocks up to 15 projectiles before breaking, or 5 bites. Medicore recharge, 25-50 Sun.