Hello, guys. So back in June, I got Garden Warfare for the PS4. Right now, I'm at level 45. (Update: I have now unlocked all trophies and am at level 54). As such, I think I'm probably ready to start talking about Garden Warfare on my blog. Currently, there's a vote going on about whether or not I can polish up some of the level pages. But in the meantime, I thought I'd share some of my experience.

Garden Warfare is a really great game. The classes are fun to play and not too hard to understand. It keeps the comedy of the main series, while also providing its own take on the series. A lot of the gamemodes are really fun, and while it doesn't have as many maps as I would have liked, the maps play differently each time, making them great. With that being said, here are some general tips that I think every player needs to know:

  • Almost every garden in Gardens and Graveyards has a turret right next to it that Engineers can set up. Yeah, no one on either team seems to realize this, but you can set up a defense right next to the gardens. Keep your eyes open for them- if you have 5 guys on the point already, its probably better to build them than crowd the point.
  • Almost every weapon deals more damage on headshots. I know, I know, to most people this comes naturally as breathing, but I'm one of the like 2% of people who didn't realise this until I saw a random tip about it. I work of TF2 logic (hence my avatar), so it didn't occur to me that non-sharpshooters could do headshots.
  • A lot of people make all 4 of their gestures taunts. I recommend making 3 of them taunts, but letting the right button stay as the 'follow' command. You don't need most of the gestures, but telling someone to follow you can come in handy.
  • For new players, I recommend buying "Incredi-Plant" and "Zomboss Vengance" packs instead of the caracter packs. The former two will come with upgrades and ability unlocks.
  • Gnome Bomb is great on some maps, but if Crash Course comes up, run. The Gardens and Tombstones are way too deep into enemy territory, they take forever to blow up. Expect matches to drag out forever on that map.
  • The best place to complete Garden Ops Crazy mode is the plant side of Sharkbite Shores. Use Peashooter's moblilty to get up on the cliff buffs, and work from there. There's a whole guide about it on Youtube.
  • If you play Garden Ops by yourself the waves will be easier. Again, some people might assume this, but I work on TF2 logic.
  • Rocket Drone is best for taking out potted plants, inattentive Cacti, and rooted players.
  • Teleporter still not up yet? Go investigate. Your Engineers may need help clearing out a Peashooter infestation.
  • Give Garlic/Robo Drone a few seconds before moving in. You don't want to lose the drone before the Corn/Cone Strike is ready. Once you use the strike, hit the enemy with all you've got.

And now, something that I really think you guys should know:

When trying to earn Garden Ops achievements, do it by yourself. There will be fewer zombies, and your potted plants will be able to take care of most of it. Also, you will have complete control over which plants are used.

Keep Gatling Peas in the back (Bosses/Coffins), Pea Repeaters at the front (they deal splash on the hordes, Gatling does not), and keep a Heal Flower somewhere to heal yourself.