Since the Plant gameplay for GW2 is being shown tomorrow, I thought I'd put down some of my guesses at what we'll see.

Rose Abilities: Goat Transform Spell, Warp, Smokescreen

Citron Abilities: Rolling Attack, Shield, E.M. Peach

Kernel Corn: Corn Strike, Spring Bean Leap, Rage

Possible Plant Bosses for Graveyard Ops:

  • Guacodile- strong melee attack and ranged shots
  • Toadstool- can chew players to absorb their health, can leap to high ledges
  • Threepeater- a hydra-like boss, can track multiple players

EDIT: Now that the trailer's out, there seems to be a leaked summon plant- a dandelion weed. I'm gonna guess that Dandelion will be a boss, and the weeds will be his minions. Just like Dancing Zombie, Imp Yeti, and Vampire Zombie, we can summon the minions in Herbal Assault.

Also, Popcap mentioned playing in "the final frontier" in their Facebook FAQ, and the sneak peek on youtube mentioned Zomboss using a rocket. Looks like we're getting a space map.

Now, let's talk about new stuff for old classes. It's already been mentioned that Scientist will get a Heal Beam as an ability unlock. Here are my guesses at new abilities for returning classes:

  • Sun Bean: Replaces Sunbeam laser ability. A small grenade that damages zombies and heals plants.
  • Endurian: Replaces Tallnut Battlement. Doesn't have as high health as Iron Maiden, but does damage to nearby zombies. Great for foward defenses.
  • Rotobaga: Galric Drone replacement. Has slightly higher health and stronger primary attack, but not as fast.
  • Lightning Reed: Replaces E.M. Peach. Creates a turret that deals more damage to Z-Mech and Zombots.
  • Defense! : Replaces Sprint Tackle. Lets All-Star becomes a turret like Pea Gatling.
  • Bench Set: Lets All-Star set up a wide sheild like Tall-Nut Battlement.
  • Headlight Beacon: Sonic Grenade replacement. Works like Sunbeam laser.
  • Detonator Missle: ZPG replacement that launches almost instantly, but has a delay between hitting something and exploding.

I also predict that Z-Mech's Robo Stomp can hit burrowing Chompers, but Chomper will be able to swallow a whole Z-Mech with Imp still inside.