Disclaimer: This is more of a fan-world than a prediction of the future. However, since it does involve prediction, I think it could fit here instead of necessarily going on PvZCC.

Recently, Garden Warfare got a new zombie, who goes by the name of Baron von Bats. While this is interesting on its own, it is subject to another fact: PvZ2 has not recieved the Garlic plant yet. Is it possible that Popcap is working on a level that would incude the two? Granted, England has already gotten its Dark Ages level, but America has the Present, Wild West, and Far Future levels.

Enter the Victorian Era, an realm of riches, class, and pride! But be careful, when the fog of London rolls in, scary thing can happen........... A fog-based daytime level in the 1800's.

New plants:

- Garlic

- Chomper

- Plantern

- Fanana (from my Feudal Japan level idea)

- Broco-motive

Cost: 225 Sun

Charges 4 spaces ahead, stunning all zombies in his path. Can be eaten while travelling back to the starting point, but fully heals when it reaches the station.

- Valvocado

Cost: 275 Sun

A hybrid between a steam pipe valve and an avocado. Has two modes: a short range steam blast for a lot of damage, or a longer range but weaker steam blast. Modes can be switched by tapping.

New zombies:

- Baron von Bats

Casts spell on / bites other zombies to turn them into Vampire Minions. Dies if he eats garlic. Must be on some tile as the other zombie to turn them into a minion.

- Vampire Minon

Has more health and moves faster than other zombies, turns backs to normal on eating Garlic.

- Two-Faced Zombie

Alternates between two forms, like Jekyll and Hyde. Each side has seperate health, so he has double health if he keep transforming. Cannot transform when stunned, and being slowed keeps him in one form longer.

Weakness: Winter-Melon, Broco-motive

- Crow Keeper

Lets loose crows from his birdcage.

- Zombie Crow

A speedy bird with basic health.

- Crypt Coach

A victorian coach that mysteriously appears at the left edge of you fog, then breaks down. The broken down coach contains other zombies inside.