A conversation on the Dark Ages from the PvZ development team.

Developer #1: And that is our plan for the second half of the Dark Ages. Any questions?

 Developer #2: Uhhh..... sir?

Developer #1: Yes?

Developer #2: You know that Wizard Zombie we were gonna put in? Well.... maybe we should let the player dig up the sheep.

 Developer #1: What?! Why??

Developer #2: Because the way it currently is, if the player loses a lot of plants to the wizard, they're done for! They literally CANNOT put down ANY defense whatsoever!

 Developer #1: Meh, the players will enjoy that. I'm absolutely positive that the mechanic will come off as entertainly difficult, and not at all teeth-grinding annoying. In fact, let's put the Wizard Zombie in the same levels as the Jester Zombie. I'll bet they'll go perfectly together!

 Developer #2: ......sir?

 Developer #1: Yes, what is it now?

 Developer #2: Well.... the Jester Zombie really diminishes the player's choice for plants. In fact, the player will only have three plants with a range of more than two tiles: Fume Shroom, Laser Bean, and Lightning Reed.

Developer #1: And you point is?

Developer #2: Well, none of those plants do good damage against single, tough zombies. So basically, it gives the Knight Zombies a free pass.

 Developer #1: I hear what you're saying! Put the King Zombie, Jester Zombie and Wizard Zombie together in the same levels!

Developer #2: What!?! No! You're not hear-

 Developer #1: YES! YES! I'VE GOT IT! On the second potions level, we'll make a whole column of graves appear on the fourth column, pushing any plants on those space off so the player only has three columns of defense (even less since some will have Sun Shrooms), then IMMEDIATELY summon Necromancy Zombies! The players will LOVE it!

Developer #2: ...........I quit.