Hello again! Well, as seeing as how I've covered most of the topics I felt NEEDED to be said, I can talk a little more about the lower-priority issues. This  also means that I'm more open to suggestions for upcoming Tecku Talks ideas.

With that being said, I've compiled a small list of possible subjects for the future:

- Spring Bean

- Should Big Wave Beach have been a China-themed level?

- My favorite World War 2 level ideas (both from me and the community)

- How to create a fan-made plant

- How to create a fan-made zombie

- An idea on how PvZ could have been done without mushrooms

- How I would build Dark Ages and Big Wave Beach from the ground-up (this would be different from past blogs becuase I can change, add or remove any plant or zombie entirely).

Blog ideas by the community:

(N/A so far)

Comment on which of these ideas you'd like to see. If you have an idea for a blog, feel free to speak up!