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Feudal Japan

Tecku May 29, 2014 User blog:Tecku

With special thanks to Cooler39140 for the ninjas walking on water idea.

The third of my four world ideas- the old ages of Japan!

World Info: Nighttime pool level, but no fog. Different levels have different amount and positions of pool lanes (just like China). Land lanes are regular.


(All zombie are ninjas, and can walk on water, except Samuari Zombie, who wades through it)

- Basic Zombie

- Flag Zombie

- Conehead Zombie

- Buckethead Zombie

- Gargantuar

- Imp

- Zomboss (Level 25 only)

- Bell Zombie

Health: Protected

Speed: Stiff

Bell Zombies ring their bell to summon Zombie Spirits, just like the Disco-Tron from the future.

- Zombie Spirit

Health: Basic

Speed: Speedy

A floating spirit that appears in groups when summoned by a Bell Zombie. Being a creature of shadow, it dies if it is caught in the light.

Weakness: Plantern, Blover, Fanana

- Smoke Zombie

Health: Basic

Speed: Hungry

When it reaches a plant, Smoke Zombie creates a pillar of smoke, then appears on the other side of the plant. If the smoke is blown away or shone through the act fails.

Weaknesses: Plantern, Fanana

- Bomb Zombie

Health: Protected

Speed: Basic

Carries a bomb that explodes after a semi-random amount of time. Basically, its a Jack-In-The-Box Zombie with an extinguishable fuse. Weaknesses: Winter Melon, Ice Shroom, Spite Rice, Soak Shroom

- Samuari Zombie

Health: Dense

Speed: Hungry

The Samauri Zombie is basically a Japanese Football Zombie.

- Fireball Zombie

Health: Dense

Speed: Stiff

Creates fireball that it hurls at your plants. If hit by water, it loses its ability to create fireball for a few seconds, even if it is hit by fire. Fireballs cannot be killed, but can be blown away or extinguished with water.


- Plantern

Cost: 50

Recharge: Mediocre

The Plantern works the same as the first game, but its purpose has somewhat changed. Instead of shining through fog, the Plantern is for stopping Spirit Zombies and Smoke Zombies.

Plant Food: Lights up whole screen for a few seconds, then gains armor

Costume: Miner helmet

- Sea Shroom

Cost: 0

Recharge: Fast

Same as the first game, but it recharges faster, and dissappears after awhile.

Plant Food: Rapid fire, won't dissappear

Costume: Folded newspaper hat

- Fanana

Cost: 125

Recharge: Mediorce

Constantly (not one time use) creates a breeze, blowing away light flying object and slowing other flying objects. Light flying objects include parrots, thunderheads, and smoke bomb smoke, but not Jetpack Zombies and the sort. Its range is its current lane, the lane above, and the lane below.

Plant Food: Strong breeze blow away all flying zombies and blows all land zombies back one tile.


- Hypno Shroom

Cost: 75

Recharge: Sluggish

Same as the first game.

Plant Food: Shoots out a beam that hypnotises a zombie.

Costume: Peace medallion

- Soak Shroom

Cost: 75

Recharge: Fast

An aquatic mushroom that absorbs water from beneath, then spits it out as a projectile. Great for putting out fuses.

Plant Food: Shoot a torrent of water straigh ahead, and creates a rainstorm that extinguises all zombie fires on screen.


- Ice Shroom

Cost: 75

Recharge: Sluggish

Same as the first game.

Costume: Russian Ushanka

- Cattail

Cost: 300 (No Lily Pad needed)

Recharge: Fast

Same as the first game.

Plant Food: Rapid fires on the leftmost enemy, switches targets as necessary

Costume: A cheeseburger with a bite taken out of it floats in the water by it

- Doom Shroom

Cost: 125

Recharge: Sluggish

Same as the first game.

Costume: Hazmat suit