This world post is going to be a lot shorter than my other ones, since Popcap is (almost certainly) already making the Dark Ages. Also, since many plants from this level will be mushrooms from the past games, there will be plants created from scratch. So why am I doing this? Mostly becuase I have a nighttime pool level planned, and I want to establish what mushrooms I think would be attained prior.

World Info: Nighttime level. I don't think there will be a gimmick besides that. Unlike the first game, Sunflowers cannot be planted at night (evidenced by leaked script), and Sun Shrooms are attained immediately.

Zombies unique to this world:

- Knight Zombie (acts like Football Zombie)

- Ladder Zombie

- Catapult Zombie

- Dragon Mech

- Shakespere Zombie (evidenced by leaked script, acts like Disco Zombie)

- Wizard Zombie

Plants (based off of leaked data):

- Sun Shroom

- Puff Shroom (now dissappears after awhile)

- Pult Shroom (starts weak, grows stronger over time)

- Scaredy Shroom

- Roto Shroom (weaker Gloom Shroom)

- Dart Shroom (pierces armor)

- Fume Shroom

- Vacuum Shroom     Idea A: (takes away objects like torches and helmets, sucks up coins)

                             Idea B: (sucks up flying projectiles and coins)