I just got back from beating the first half of the Dark Ages. All in all, I like it..... save one level. The potion level is WAAAY too hard. Don't get me wrong, the idea is alright, but the execution is TERRIBLE.

As it stands, not only can you not plant on any potions, but you CANNOT REMOVE THEM. The ONLY way to get rid of them is to have a zombie drink them. I could torelate that. But when the potion are CONSTANTLY getting dropped on the lawn, and are getting placed more and more leftward, there's nothing I can do! The game is actively encouraging you to get zombies deep into your lawn, so the can get rid of the potions. The counter-intuitave to the gameplay!

And I get what you're SUPPOSED to do: put down Hypno-Shroom to make the tougher zombies fight for you. But that's a premium plant! Yes, Popcap should make it beneficial to buy the premuim plants, but here I feel like they're trying to force me to!

The only other plant that benefits from the zombies being tougher is Sun Bean. However, its recharge is too slow to keep up with the potions being CONSTANTLY being put down. Furthermore, I can't use the extra sun, becuase I keep running out of space with all the graves and potions.

Please Popcap, if you can read this, either let us plant on the potions, or give us a way to destroy them.