Hey guys. After my last two blog posts were some shameful rage against the Dark Ages diffuculty, I decided to go back to my more creative output- fan plants and fan worlds. Right now I'm more in-between worlds, so I figured that I would come up with some plant ideas first. That being said, broccoli needs some love!

Plant Name: Brocomotive / Broccomotive / Broccollide

Sun Cost: 50

Recharge: Sluggish

A piece of broccoli shaped like a locomotive engine. Brocomotive charges down the lane, dealing 6 damage to all zombies it collides with and knocks them into another lane. Cannot push zombies off of planks in the Pirate Seas, but can move Gargantuars and other heavy zombies. Basically, a one-time Garlic that that move non-eating zombies.

Costume: Train engineer's cap

Other ideas:

- Stun zombies it hits and/or deals more damge, costs 75 Sun

- A Coconut Cannon varient with a cooldown beweeten firings, costs 275-325 Sun

- A Coconut Cannon varient with a shorter cooldown beweeten firings, costs 175-225 Sun, but only hits the first few zombies in the lane

Any feedback? I will be posting a lot of ideas like these up, and I need all the criticism I can get.