Hey guys. My next blog will be about how I would have done the Dark Ages and Big Wave Beach. Now, this blog is going to take awhile. This is becuase I want this to be the absolute best that I have to offer for these levels. I want to honestly do even better than the developers. Now naturally this isn't fair, becuase I have a base to work off of, as well as the benefits of being able to analyzing where the Dark Ages and Big Wave Beach went wrong. Hindsight is always 20/20, after all.

However, I am thinking every new zombie and plant though, both as stand alone entities, and as combinations with other plants and zombies. My new ideas won't be perfect, but I want them to be as good as they can be. With that being said, I've brainstormed quite a bit of new content. Naturally, not all of it is going to make it to the final cut, but this is an opportunity to demonstrate my thought process, and work some ideas out.

Let's start out with the new zombies. Apart from the zombies that can be found in every world (Conehead, Imp, etc.) two zombies from the in-game levels will not be adjusted at all- Knight Zombie and Snorkel Zombie. These zombies will be put in without any changes to them. The following zombies are zombies that MAY be in the final cut. As such, I will label each with a likelihood, stating how likely this zombie is to get in. Let's begin.

Dark Ages Zombies

Jester Zombie

Likelihood: Very High

Now works identical to the Hammer Zombie from the Chinese version.

Wizard Zombie (my version)

Likelihood: Very High

Instead of turning plants into sheep, Wizard Zombie now casts spells on other zombies, turning them into giants from the potions mini-game. Wizards may have up to three transformed zombies at a time. If the Wizard dies, the zombies shrink back to normal. Hypnotized zombie do not change back if the wizard dies.

Blacksmith Zombie

Likelihood: High

Version A (Likelihood: Medium)

Blacksmith Zombie works similar to King Zombie, but has a few differences. Instead of granting helms, he repairs buckets, helms, and even cones by inervals of 10 hits. However, each zombie can only have their headgear repaired once. Furthermore, after 30-40 seconds, his anvil breaks, and he begins moving left.

Version B (Likelihood: Medium)

Identical to Version A, but with one major difference. Instead of waiting at the right hand side for his anvil to break, Blacksmith Zombie shove his anvil to the left once every few seconds, crushing any plants occupying the area. Spikeweed and Spikerock are crushed, and only deal minor damage to the anvil. To compensate, the range for repairing headgear is not limited to adjacent squares.

Necromancy Zombie

Likelihood: Medium

Based on the "Bring out your dead!" sketch from Monty Python, Necromancy Zombie rolls a whellbarrow, which can be stopped by Spikeweek or Spikerock. If he passes a grave, a zombie will rise. I will only use him if I replace Necromancy as an ambush. (I may use a catapult-themed ambush).

King Zombie (my version)

Likelihood: Medium-Low

King Zombie now has his throne dragged forward once every few seconds, crushing any plant it lands on. In other words, it's Blacksmith Zombie Version B without the helm-repair mechanic. I would only even consider adding him if I go with Blacksmith Verision A.

Seige Zombie

Likelihood: Medium-Low

Identical to Ladder Zombie from the first game. Alteratively, it could be a seige machine on wheels that can be destroyed by Spikeweed/rock. Not really much for originality, though.... especially if the ladders aren't made of metal.

Archer Zombie

Liklihood: Low

Launches arrows at plants. Yeah.... not much to this guy since Umbrella Plants won't be ontained in the Dark Ages. This is why this is brainstorming, not a final draft.

Bard Zombie

Likelihood: Low-Very Low

Bard Zombie plays a song that puts plants to sleep. Plants can be woken up with Coffee Bean, or by killing the Bard. It could work, but balancing Coffee Bean for nighttime useage would be a nightmare. It would only have a single situation where it could be used, which would stink. Even Blover in the first game could also blow away fog, and Cactus could attack normal zombies.

Big Wave Beach Zombies

Yep, that whole section was just for my Dark Ages ideas. Now we get into the real challenge: blancing big Wave Beach.

Surfer Zombie

Likelihood: Very High

Version A (Likelihood: High)

Version A is very similar to the in-game function, but with a major difference. In this iteration, Surfer Zombie slams his surfboard down as soon as he can...... but he slams it down in the space between plants. In other words, he will still create a grave-like obstacle, but it will never kill a plant. Still keeps true to the old spirit, but with a more manageable twist.

Version B (Likelihood: High-Medium)

Identical to the in-game version, but the board does not stay after being planted. In other words, it can destroy a plant, but it doesn't create a grave-like obstace. The opposite of version A, this idea also keeps true to the original idea, but is a bit less interesting.

Version C (Likelihood: Medium)

The blandest, but most manageable idea is version C. In version C, Surfer Zombies doesn't EVER slam the surfboard down. Ever. The surfboard is now used solely as a sheild against pult plants. I know a lot of people wouldn't like this, but I think it could work. It would encourage the useage of plants besides Winter Melon, and would still create a good defense penetrator.

Beach Ball Zombie

Likelihood: Very High

Beach Ball Zombie throws beach balls at the plants, similar to how Octo-Zombie threw Octopi at plants. In fact, Beach Ball Zombie can be considered a spiritual sucessor to Octo-Zombie. However, Beach Ball Zombie is much more fun to play against. In both of the following versions, the beach balls will pop if they takes too much damage, or if they come into contact with a sharp object. What's more, if the beach balls hit an Umbrella Plant, they will automatically be bounced off-screen. Even furthermore, they can be blown away by Blover (and Hurrikale) when they are airborne.

Version A (Likelihood: Very High)

Beach balls are always thrown at the rightmost plant on the lane. The ball then slowly bounces leftward from square to square. Plants covered by the ball take slight damage, and are inactive for the brief moment the ball is on them. The beach balls deflates when it reaches the leftmost square, and will not trigger the lawn mower or game over.

Version B (Likelihood: High)

Beach Balls are thrown at random plants up to one lane away. Plants trapped underneath a beach ball will disabled for a moment. The ball will then be launched upward by the plant, making them active again until the ball comes back down. In other words, it's like an octopus, but the plant is only inactive half the time. Coupled with new ways to destroy the ball, this makes things much more manageable. If the plant beneath it is dug up or destroyed it will deflate briefly after landing.

Version C (Likelihood: High)

Beach Balls are thrown at random plants up to one lane away. Beach balls disable plants beneath them, but begin to deflate the moment they hit the ground. Unlike the other two versions, this deflation is slow, so plants are disabled for a set time- unless the beach ball is dealt with. 

Reflector Zombie

Likelihood: High

Reflector Zombie holds a sunbathing reflector, which he uses to focus concentrated sunlight onto your plants. The sunbeams create powerful fires that can destory plants instantly. However, these concentrated sunbeams can be blocked by Umbrella Plant. His techique can also be interrupted, with each version having its own way to do so.

Version A (Likelihood: Very High)

The Reflector Zombie is down with the rest of the zombies. At this height, his reflector provides protection from Laser Bean and Magnifying Grass. However, if he takes any DIRECT damage, his tanning technique will be screwed up, and he will have to start over.

Version B (Likelihood: High-Medium)

Reflector Zombie spawns up in a stationary lifegaurd tower, high above the other zombies. Laser Bean and Magnifying Grass will hit the tower base, so he is no longer immune to them. However, the tower will have to take heavy damage (a large, single hit) to make the zombie lose his focus.

Conga Zombie (and Backup Dancers)

Likelihood: Medium

Works similar to Disco Zombie, but he summons two zombies ahead of him, and two zombies behind him, instead of one in each direction. He also has more health than Disco Zombie. This mechanic would give more purpose to Banana Launcher, Guacodile, and Pineapple Cannon, while staying relatively simple. Furthermore, it is one of the few Big Wave Beach zombies on the list that isn't negated by Umbrella Leaf. It's important to make sure one plants doesn't stop the whole zombie force, so he does at least have a chance of getting in.

Weight-Lifter Zombie

Likelihood: Low

Based on the PvZA zombie. Carries a heavy barbell that he drop on the first plant he encounters. The barbell also works as a shield until it is dropped, dealing heavy damage. Would be weak against Magnet-Shroom and Umbrealla Plant, as both would counter the barbell. However, I do want to watch how much utility I gave to Umbrella Plant, and he's not really that original, so it's not likely you'll see this guy.

Fisherman Zombie

Likelihood: Very Low

......Nah. Just nah. I could add in a White-Radish based plant, but I think this fella should just to to another world instead.


Alright! We're all done with zombies, let's move onto the plants! On the whole, plants don't need a whole lot of adjustment, but there is some stuff to tackle.

Plant Changes:

  • I may keep the PvZ2 style for mushrooms, or I may change it back to the PvZ1 style. This will pretty much be the deciding factor on whther or not I bring back Scaredy Shroom and Coffee Bean, as I'll only include them if I stick to the PvZ2 style. For right now though, it's too uncertain to even give a likelihood.
  • Chomper's burp now knocks zombies backwards. Zombies with 10 or less health are pushed much farther. Also, the spikes on Chomper's back will pop any beach balls that land on it.
  • Bowling Bulb's larger bulbs can recharge even when zombies are on screen, but they recharges slower than the small bulb.
  • Homing Thistle naturally targets beach balls like other zombies. Thistles are prickly (duh), so the ammo will instantly pop the ball. Beach balls will also pop instantly if they land on Homing Thistle itself.

Ice Shroom

Likelihood: High

Same mechanic as the first game, but might have the PvZ2 mushroom system.

Doom Shroom

Likelihood: High-Medium

Same mechanic as the first game, but might have the PvZ2 mushroom system.

Umbrella Plant

Likelihood: Very High

Bounces beach balls off screen, blocks beams from Reflector Zombie, and maaaaaybe blocks surfboard slams. Also protects plants from Zombie Parrot. If by the off-chance Archer Zombie gets in, it would block arrows, too.

Pineapple Cannon

Likelihood: High-Medium

Yes, there is a Pineapple Cannon already for China. Yes, I drew inspiration from it. But no, it is not a rip-off. The mechanics are all-new. Pineapple Cannon is like a weak Banana Launcher, but it can only fire on the same lane. The fired pineapple then lasts for a few seconds (even if it lands in water), dealing Spikeweed-like damage on any zombie passing over it. Pineapples are prickly, so both the plant and the ammo will pop any beach balls that touch them.

Sea Shroom

Likelihood: Low

I don't know which mushroom mechanic I'd use, but Sea Shroom probably won't be returning either way. If I do it'll have a timer mechanic like Puff Shroom, with one major difference. It would never dissapear in the sea, but would disappear extra-quickly on land.


And..... done. Whew! that was a long haul, wasn't it? So now you see all the choices I have to work with when I make my world. However, I have to pick carefully, beacuse each desicion affects the others. For example, if I pick Surfer A or Surfer B, and I choose to make Umbrella Plants block the surfboard, I now have three zombies that Umbrella Plant counters- Surfer, Beach Ball, and Reflector. However, the Surfer could eat the Umbrella Leaf afterwards, so it might be balanced.

Another example is that if I pick Reflector Zombie B, I would probably want to adjust Bowling Bulb further. I don't want Laser Bean to disrupt the attack, but I do want Bowling Bulb to- that gives Bowling Bulb utility in it's home world.

Beach Ball zombie has a lot of things that can deal with the beach ball, so maybe I should pick version C. However, that could change it from "easy" to "broken". I want this guy to be my showcase on how to do Octo Zombie right, so I'm treading on eggshells with this guy.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. We didn't even delve into which mushroom system I should use. All in all, I've still got a lot of descision making to do, but I hope this explains my thought process for the level a little more when I come out with them. If you guys have any feedback, be sure to let me know!