World Name: Ancient Rome

Info: After much debate on whether I wanted a pool level or a weapon rack level here, I decided to make this a weapon rack level, and re-do Ancient China as a pool level. For those unfamiliar with weapon racks, they are grave-like obstacles that hold weapons. If a Regular Zombie reaches a weapon rack, they will turn into a special zombie, and the rack will disappear.

Mini Game: Appeal to the Crowd

In the background there are two meters, one for the plants and one for the zombies. The plant meter fills by killing zombies and by keeping a plant placed on the Leaf Tile (a random tiles near the left that changes location after being used) for 20 seconds. The zombie meter fills by eating plants or by having a zombie cross the Grave Tile (a random tile near the right the changes after being crossed). When the plant meter is full, it empties and gives out extra sun or plant food. When the zombie meter is filled, it empties and releases extra zombies onto the lawn. Tile Turnips are disabled during this mini-game.


- Basic Zombie

- Flag Zombie

- Conehead Zombie

- Buckethead Zombie

- Gargantuar

- Imp

- Zomboss (Level 25 only)

- Javelin Zombie 

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Hungry

Holds a javelin that it throws when it reaches its first plant. Javelin distance and damage depends on how long the zombie ran before throwing.

- Gladiator Zombie

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Basic

Gladiator Zombies carry handheld shields that have five health. These shields block hits from ahead, including pults, peas, lasers, and boomerangs (boomerangs can still hit enemies that are behind them, though). If the shield is destroyed (highly likely, given its low health), the zombie will pull out a new one 3.5 seconds later.

Weakness: Aspearagus

- Chariot Bull

Toughness: Hardened

Speed: Speedy (before reaching first plant), then stiff (after reaching first plant)

Indenctical to the bull from the Wild West, execept it pulls a chariot instead of having a rider. Still mechanical, still weak to E.M.Peach. (Note: I may change the posted speed later for re-balancing)

- Chariot Zombie

Toughness: Basic

Speed: Speedy, then stiff (based on bull)

Chariot Zombie rides in a chariot connected to a Chariot Bull. He holds the reins in one hand, and a trident in the other. Whenever the bull stops to eat a plant, the rider will start attacking plants in the lanes above and/or below the chariot with his trident (this means he is usually attacking the squares to the upper left and lower left of the one the bull is attacking). If the bull is destroyed or if the chariot rolls across Spikeweed / Spikerock, the Chariot Zombie is destroyed. Destorying the Chariot Zombie, however, has no effect on the bull.

- Thunder Zombie

Toughness: Hardened

Speed: Basic

Thunder Zombie creates powerful thunderheads that he can throw at your plants. Plants hit by the thunderhead are obliterated. Thunderheads have 7 health, and move at the "speedy" speed.

Weaknesses: Lightning Reed / Celereactor can short out the thunder maker and the thunderheads, Blover blows the thunderheads away.

- Trojan Zombie

Toughness: Hardened

Speed: Creeper

The Trojan Zombie is a giant wooden crate on wheels that resembles a zombie from the waist up. It slowly rolls forward, releasing Regular Zombies from its inside as it does. Furthermore, the Trojan Zombie packs ARMORED WHEELS, which means it will take 2 Spikeweed to pop it instead of 1. It is not a machine, and E.M.Peach will not work on it.

Weaknesses: Appulse

Plants (In Order):


Cost: 225 Sun

Recharge: Fast

Aspearagus shoots out a spear that travels in a straight direciton. The spear does 5.5 damage, and is fired every 3 seconds. However! The spear will PENETRATE anything it kills. In other words, if the spear hits a dead zombie, or a zombie/obstacle will 5 health or less, it will deal damage and keep going through to the next zombie. This means it can sail right through a Gladiator Zombie's shield to damage the zombie itself.

Plant Food: Fires 4 spears at double damage

Costume: Toga and olive branch


Cost: 150 Sun

Recharge: Fast

Same as the first game. Great against Gladiator Zombies, as it will swallow it whole, shield or not.

Plant Food: Chomper finishes digesting its current zombie, and instantly eats 2 enemies on screen, as well as any zombie right in front of it.

Costume: Propeller hat


Cost: 150 Sun

Recharge: Fast

The Tomato-Pult is a unique version of the Kernel-Pult. The Tomato-Pult hurls good and bad tomatoes at the enemy, which are like kernels and butter, but deal one more damage. Furthermore, Tomato-Pults will alternate their shot between the first 3 enemies on the lane (though it will hit the nearest one twice as much). This makes it handy for working the stun mechanic into multiple enemies.

Plant Food: Launches bad tomatoes at every enemy on screen.

Costume: French beret and goatee

- Appulse

Cost: 175 Sun

Recharge: Fast

Every 2 seconds, Appulse creates a shockwave that move foward along the ground. The shockwave deals 1 damage to regular enemies, and 3 damage to rolling objects. Spikes continue after hitting a zombie until they reach the end of the lane. Airborne enemies (Seagull Zombie, Parrot, Jetpack Zombie) are immune to the spikes.

Plant Food: Shoots many shockwaves forward, backward, upward, and downward.

Costume: Motorcycle helmet and goggles

- Garlic

Cost: 50 Sun

Recharge: Fast

Identical to first game.

Plant Food: Regains health and turns green, instantly killing the next 2 zombies to eat it.

Costume: Mad scientist wig and goggles

- Celereactor

Cost: 275 Sun

Recharge: Fast

Identical to Lightning Reed, but shoots red lighting for more damage (1.5 direct hit, 0.5 splash).

Plant Food: Summons two lightning clouds that deal more damage

Costume: Thor winged headband and hammer

- Pumpkin

Cost: 125 Sun

Recharge: Sluggish

Identical to first game.

Plant Food: Gains armor.

Costume: Extra carvings in the sides