Based on the current Kung Fu World in the Chinese version.

Info: Daytime Level. After much debate after whater this level should be the pool level or the weapon rack level, I decided to make this level the pool level and move the weapon racks to Ancient Rome. Pool lanes work the same as the first game, except the number and position of them change (like planks in the pirate seas). The non-pool lanes are solid, not planks. Spring Beans do not knock Zombies into the pool (as most can wade through water).

Lightning Reeds can be planted directly in the water, making it the only non-Imitator plant that can be placed both on land and water.

Zombies: (All of the following zombies can appear in the water, execpt for the Qui-Gong Zombie and maybe the Dragon Zombie).

- Basic Zombie

- Flag Zombie

- Conehead Zombie

- Buckethead Zombie

- Gargantuar

- Imp

- Zomboss


- Warrior Zombie

Health: Dense

Speed: Hungry

Wears armor made of wood, which is as strong as a sacarphagus. Fire attacks can peirce through the armor to the zombie as well as doing extra damage to it.

Weaknesses: Snap Dragon, Fire Gourd, Torchwood

- Parasol Zombie

Health: Basic (Zombie), Protected (Parasol)

Speed: Basic

Carries a Chinese parasol that protects it from pult plants. Parasol burns up if hit by fire.

- Torch Zombie

Health: Basic

Speed: Basic

Same as the Explorer Zombie from Egypt.

- Dragon Zombie

Health: Hardened

Speed: Basic

Three zombies holding up one of the dragon costume things (you know what I mean). The dragon can be damaged directly, or by attacking any of the three sets zombie legs sticking out. In other words, ground-based attacks will do triple damage (though Bloomerang and Laser Bean can only hit it once). It collapses in on itself when it dies (so the zombies inside die).

Weaknesses: Bamboo Shoot, Spikeweed, Appulse

- Qui-Gon Zombie

Health: Protected

Speed: Stiff

Kung-Fu Zombie occasionally uses spiritual power to pull plants to the right. If a plant reaches him, it is thrown off screen.

Weakness: White Radish

- Zombie Warboat

Health: Protected

Speed: Speedy (with furnace lit), Stiff (with furnace out)

A wooden boat floats down a water lane, with a zombie and a furnace on it. The furnace can be put out like other fires.

Weaknesses: Spite Rice puts out furnace, Fire Gourd deals extra damage to the wood (guaranteeing an instant kill).


- Lily Pad

Cost: 25 Sun

Recharge: Fast

Same as first game

Plant Food: Creates a tidal wave that knocks zombies in front it it backwards

Costume: Goldfish swims around the pad

- Fire Gourd

Cost: 200 Sun

Recharge: Fast

Shoots fire 5 tiles ahead of it when tapped (think Coconut Cannon meet Snapdragon). Unlike the Chinese version, fire damage increases the longer in between shots, while distance does not.

Plant Food: Shoots super-powerful fire 7 tiles ahead.

Costume: Unknown

- Spite Rice


Recharge: Fast

An aquatic plant. Spite Rice makes vertical spikes of water jet out from the surface for 3 spaces ahead of it, damaging all zombies within range. (Think one lane Snapdragon with higher range and water instead of fire). Great for putting out fuses and torches.

Plant Food: Unknown

Costume: Unknown

- Bamboo Shoot

Cost: 175 Sun

Recharge: Fast

Shoots itself out like an underground boomerang, hitting any zombie within 5 tiles of it, twice. Cannot be eaten by zombies, but has Spikeweed effect (kills and gets killed by a rolling object.)

Plant Food: Shoots powerful bamboo forward and backward, destroying any rolling objects.

Costume: Unknown

- White Radish

Cost: 75 Sun

Recharge: Sluggish

A low-health wall plant that can't be pushed or pulled by zombies.

Plant Food: Gains armor

Costume: Unknown

- Tangle Kelp

Cost: 25 Sun

Recharge: Sluggish

Kills the first water zombie to reach it.

Plant Food: Creates 3 more Tangle Kelps

Costume: Scuba Mask and snorkel

- Keggplant

Cost: 125 Sun

Recharge: Sluggish

When fire or explosions (from plants OR zombies) enters it square, detonates with the radius and force of a Cherry Bomb. Will not explode if eaten. Looks like a powder keg mixed with an eggplant.

Plant Food: Creates explosions on adjectect tiles, then gains armor (making it harder to eat).

Costume: Unknown

- Heavenly Peach

Cost: 125 Sun

Recharge: Mediocre

Slightly heals itself adject plants every 3 seconds.

Plant Food: Makes itself and adject plants temporarily invincible.

Costume: Doctor's forehead mirror and stethoscope.

(More worlds coming soon!)