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  • Tecku

    Some More Random Thoughts

    February 28, 2017 by Tecku

    Here are just some random thoughts that I've been having lately.

    • The new deck system is really nice. It's now a lot easier build decks around certain themes, and they have let me play the game in ways I didn't think of before. Yes, each deck probably had some listing on the community page, but I think that the official ones a nice option for players who don't know about the wiki.
    • Event cards are now craftable. Nice! You can also craft cards directly with Gems instead of Sparks, which is more cost-efficient. Nice! But you can only use Gems for crafting if you're completing a deck. Oh well... (If anyone does know how to craft each individual card with Gems, I would just love to know about it.)
    • Impfinity is really going to get some mileage out o…

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  • Tecku

    WARNING! SPOILERS for upcoming PvZH content.

    Hey guys. So, it seems we have a lot of upcoming cards for the PvZH game. It seems that Popcap has a whole lot of cards planned for the game. I figured I'd take the time to talk about them, and share some ideas I had for cards of my own.

    First, I want to talk about the new type of cards that seem to be coming: environment cards. These cards alter the lanes to benefit your needs. And.. yeah, that's a really cool idea. It changes the dynamic without wrecking old stuff, and stacks with existing strategies. In fact, I could picture this as a new type of class for both sides. It would be a really cool way to add in some more heroes. But I digress.

    So, there seems to be a recurring theme with the upcomin…

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  • Tecku

    Bonus Levels Review

    February 11, 2017 by Tecku

    So, I beat the 10 bonus levels for Ancient Egypt and Modern Day. Naturally, that means that I should create a blog post about them. However, I really don't have too much to say. I mean, I have some minor points to talk about, but this whole update just seemed kinda... meh.

    In fact, the whole plant leveling system seems kinda meh. When I hear of a leveling system, I want to be excited about it. I want to play with each new unlock and upgrade that comes my way, having fun with the system. But really, the unlocks just aren't that impressive. Gaining individual levels is rarely impressive, and the game compensates for this by having a lot of levels for each plant, making it quite grindy if you want to make any notable upgrades. I just... this i…

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  • Tecku

    Hey guys. I'm bored, so I thought I'd go into some more detail about the PvZH Show idea I had. This time, I'm going to focus on an arc idea I had about Captain Combustible. The arc itself deals with Captain Combustible's reliance on his size, and what it means to have strength.

    The episode opens with a standard fight, Captain Combustable and Chompzilla vs. Impfinity. The fight goes back and forth with some moves. Impfinity clogs up Chompzilla's mouth with his clones, but Chompzilla spits the clones back out at the original like a machine gun. Captain Combustable pummels some Imps with his roots, and scares off Impfinity with his stack of fire. He then notices a flyer an Imp dropped.

    Cue opening credits

    Cut to LEAF HQ where CC talks to Green S…

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  • Tecku

    Hey guys. Last night I posted one of my decks on the community deck page for the first time. It's a Neptuna deck called "Of Gargs and Graves." Since I don't have too much else going on, let me tell you a bit about it.

    Core Cards:

    • Headstone Carver x4
    • Gargologist x4
    • Surprise Gargantuar x4
    • Rodeo Gargantuar x4

    The deck's main focus is on Surprise Gargantuar and Rodeo Gargantuar, the two Gargantuars that also come in Gravestones. Both the Headstone Carver and Gargologist make these cards more effective, making Neptuna a rushing powerhouse. In a perfect starting hand, players would get a Headstone Carver, Gargologist, and Surprise Gargantuar. This setup would allow the player to lay down a 6/7 Gargantuar as early as the third turn. The two Gargs also …

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