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    Hello again, everyone! So, now that the Colossal Fossils update is out I thought I'd give my thoughts on it. And.... is it me, or is there something off about this update? Actually, I think I might know what that something is...

    Tecku Talks About: Colossal Fossils Update

    (Warning: Spoilers on future update)

    For starters, let's talk about the cards. Galactic Gardens added 100 cards to the game, 10 for each class. This one added 50, with 5 for each class. Okay, so it's a bit smaller. No big deal, most people on the wiki know that there are more cards in development for Triassic Triumph. Let's look at the cards themselves-

    - They made a lot of token cards into actual cards now, to varying degrees of effectiveness. Having Puff-Shroom and Swabbie I…

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  • Tecku

    A Very Odd Glitch

    September 14, 2017 by Tecku

    So, now that I have PvZ Heroes on my phone, I've been racking up gems lightning fast. Each device keeps track of the number of ads watched per day seperately, so you can get twice as many gem ads with two devices. Then today, I decided to test somethign out.

    Normally, if you exit out of the app, it'll synch with the cloud, so you can keep track of the gems earned on each device. I wanted to test what would happen if each device had gems to add (I had watch ads on both devices and had not synched them with each other.) The cloud set my gem level to the device that was not reset and/or whichever device had the highest number of gems, but did not combine the amount gained on both devices since my last synch. I earned 10 on one, 15 on another, …

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    Ultimate League Again

    September 4, 2017 by Tecku

    Hey guys. Well, I made it back into the Ultimate League. This time, I used an Electric Boogaloo deck, and no kidding... this might just be the best deck I've had yet.

    Dancing King

    • Bungee Plumber x3
    • Disconaut x4
    • Unlife of the Party x4
    • Aerobics Instructor x4
    • Conga Zombie x4
    • Synchonized Swimmer x2
    • Jester x3
    • Loudmouth x4
    • Moon Base Z x2
    • Cosmic Dancer x4
    • Insterstellar Bounter Hunter x1 (Can be replaced)
    • Binary Stars x1
    • Flamenco Zombie x4

    This deck uses a lot of cards that are standard for an Electric Boogaloo dancing deck, but what really makes it shine is how you can use it to outwit the enemy. The main strengths of this deck are to coutner oppenent moves, while splitting their attention to mess up their strategies.

    70% of the time, I won't do anything for the…

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  • Tecku

    The Ultimate League!

    August 24, 2017 by Tecku

    Hello, everyone! Big news. Less than ten minutes ago, I finally made it to the Ultimate League in Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes! It took a lot of work, but it finally all paid off!

    So, yeah, first time in the Ultimate League. I made it to Rank 42 in the first season (back when it took 20 wins to rank up instead of 5.) I laid back a little in season two and only made it back to the Diamond League or so, but now I've finally gotten all the way to Rank 50.

    In celebration, here's my deck that got me past the Diamond and Taco League. It's a deck for Green Shadow called "Aw, Beans!"

    • Admiral Navy Bean x4
    • Clique Peas x4
    • Spyris x2
    • Black-Eyed Pea x4
    • Cosmic Bean x3
    • Fire Pea x3
    • Lily of the Valley x3
    • Planet of the Grapes x2
    • Sow Magic Beans x3
    • Cool Bean x1
    • Moonbean x2
    • S…

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  • Tecku

    Hello again, everyone! Been awhile hasn't it? As stated before, my blog posts are going to be a rarity, but in the meantime, let's catch up on some recent developments, why don't we?

    Beta-Carrotina and Huge-Giganticus are now both in the game. Both of them are a blast to play as, with some clever ideas on making them unique from Citron and Super Brainz. Let's talk about each hero.

    Carrotina is a really fun hero, and her Root deck is a really unique one to use. It makes great work of team-up and amphibious, all while pushing the envelope on cards that I basically found unrelated to each other like Spyris and Water Chestnut. I especially like how Starch-Lord is a relatively easy to aquire staple. Her Bean deck is fairly straightforward, but st…

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