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    Hey guys. It's been awhile since I last did a blog, and honestly from this point on they're going to be pretty sporatic. I've moved out of the house, I'm working full time, and I'll have a lot of stuff to take care of. If I really feel like making a blog post, I'll do it, but otherwise, I might just skip it. There is, however, one thing I have left to do. A while back, I listed that I would make a blog post about how I would do Power Plants. This is that blog.

    Let's start by analyzing the current Power Plants system, no pun intended. As is, you level up plants by replaying levels you've already beaten, gaining pinatas and in turn more seed packets for your plants. PopCap is also adding in several new levels for every few months to bring you…

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    During my free time, I often think about about PvZH. These are some of the ideas I've come up with. I'm gonna update them constantly, so stay tuned.

    Brawl-mond: Nut Plant

    4 Sun, 2 Attack, 4 Health

    When a plant takes a hit and survives, it randomly gains +1 Health or +1 Attack.


    2 Sun, 0 Attack, 6 Health

    Team-Up. Plants behind this are shielded.

    Rumbleweed: Leafy Root Plant

    4 Sun, 2 Attack, 6 Health

    Team-Up. When this takes damage, it moves to another random lane. Use it to defend as mutliple lanes in one turn by absorbing extra zombie attacks as it moves. Description: "He's learned to roll with the punches." Couples well with Brawl-mond and Pea Fowl.

    Pumpkin Patch: Squash Environment

    3 Sun

    Plants here have Armored 2.

    Pea Fowl: Pea Animal Plant


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  • Tecku

    It's been a dream of mine since the game launched to see the Ultimate League. Now I'm one step closer by reaching rank forty and entering the Taco League!

    I've mostly been playing with Neptuna and Brain Freeze. I mainly hit a problem for awhile where I ran low on cards in the late game, and the opponent's Super-Block Meter kept letting them gain more health. The other main issue is dealing with the blasted 2nd Greatest Taco of all Time. I mostly found that having slighty more polarized decks with high and low cost cards than normal helped balance it out.

    So,,, on to conquer the Taco League. Goodnight!

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  • Tecku

    TT: Fan Fiction 101

    May 1, 2017 by Tecku

    Hey guys! Ever since Garden Warfare 2 released, there's been a huge influx on fan fiction on the wiki. In particular, a lot of "sagas" seem to be coming out, showing off what the writers on the wiki can do. Today, I want to talk about the basics of writing fan fiction, and some basic pitfalls to avoid.

    Tecku Talks About: Fan Fiction 101

    Understandably, fan fiction is a passionate literature. Fanfic is our way of expressing that we care a lot about the world created by the fiction, and how much we think or daydream about it, and some of the wacky "what-ifs" that we come up with. As such, there isn't really a "correct" way to write. However, I do have a method that may help beginners get off the ground.

    Stage 1: Synopis and Characters (Who are …

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  • Tecku

    TT: Top 10 Cards in PvZH

    April 27, 2017 by Tecku

    Hey guys! So, today I'll be talking about the Top 10 cards for PvZH. However, unlike most of my Top 10 lists, I won't be doing them worst to best. Instead, I'll be talking about the best cards from each category: best Beastly card, best Smarty card, and so on. With that said, let's get started!

    Top 10 Cards (by category)

    Gaurdian: Shamrocket Launcher

    Sometimes when scrolling through the forums, you get people who ask "Why do Zombies get better cards? Why do they have fighters with better stats and cheaper tricks?" What they don't tend to understand is the risk vs. reward that occurs in zombie decks. Zombies have to split their brains up each turn to play tricks. To use tricks effectively, the zombie player must predict the next move by the pl…

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