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May 17, 2014
  • Tecku

    Off on Vacation!

    September 29, 2016 by Tecku

    Hey guys! I'm going down to Florida to see my sister and visit Disney World! I'll still be checking in for my daily contribution, though. See you guys in a week!

    Edit: And I am back!

    - Went to Typhoon Lagoon

    - Went to Epcot with my sister and her husband

    - Stayed at my sister's house for two days

    Had lots of fun!

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  • Tecku

    It is time. With the new Gnome Trials upon us, I must now devote myself to discussing the darker side of GW2. This game is one of my favorite, but in order to fully enjoy it, I must acknowledge its flaws and well as its strengths. Join me now, as I talk about the worst of GW2.

    This time, anything goes. I can talk about things from GW1, things that weren't brought over from GW1, bad new stuff, anything.

    Runner Up: Trapping, Shields, and Flow

    Okay, this one is hard to explain. Trapping and Walling Flow is my description of how traps (Spikeweed, Sonic Mine, etc.) and walls (Iron Maiden, Tackle Dummy, etc) have had trouble with the flow in the new maps. In GW1, zombies always attacked and plants always defended. This was reflected in the way trap…

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  • Tecku

    Hello, everybody! With GW2 set to get a new update with the Gnome trials, I thought I'd take this opportunity to remind everyone of much GW2 has improved the series. GW2 stands to prove how much potential the series has, and how we can look forward to the future. To prove it, here's a list of the top 10 best things about GW2.

    Before we begin, I need to lay down some ground rules:

    • Everything on this list needs to be new to the series. Nothing from GW1 is allowed.
    • I can't put something on this list just for being new. To qualify, a feature must be new, but it must be new in a unique way. Otherwise, my list would be a generic checklist: new classes, new maps, etc. This is going to make my list different from what you may expect.

    Runner Up: New Up…

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  • Tecku

    GW2 Concept: Engineer

    July 26, 2016 by Tecku

    Title was meant to say "GW2 Concept: Engineer's New Drone." Then it spazzed and made the post before I even finished the title.

    Ever since GW1, drones have been integral to the Engineer. It's cute, fits his theme, and made him unique. However, with Deadbeard on the scene, Engineer's drone was left to the wayside to make room for the Parrot. Engineer now packs a bolt blasting turret. However, I'm not certain this was the best choice.

    • Engineer is stated as a mid-range fighter. Turrets assume either long range or the high ground in ability useage.
    • Unlike Peashooter, Engineer lacks the mobility to make it up to rooftops.
    • Engineer's main draw is using gadgets to augment his damage via mobile fighting, be it a speedy Jackhammer or an aerial attack f…

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  • Tecku

    Hey guys! Well, this afternoon, I acheived S-Rank on all delivery missions in GW2. However, it was painful, painful, painful. I have no idea how PopCap excepts little kids to do this. To make sure nobody has to go through the pain I went through, I figured I'd share some knowledge.

    Chomper Pizza uses a rocket delivery system. You play as a Chomper with a jetpack, running through hoops.

    • You can double jump to hover mid-air, and your Ability 2 will booster rocket you to new heights!
    • Unlike other Chompers, the delivery Chomper can fire pizza bites as his primary weapon.
    • This mission isn't too hard. Just try your best to stay the course, and don't miss any rings.
    • Beware, though, that there is no way to cancel your double jump. Use it well, or you m…

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