So... In this game (W.S.T.?(Who Say This?)), I say something, then, someone try to answer who say the written setences by quoting....

1) Black Doom said: "The funniest thing is I gave you the life, and now, I retake it back!!" (Answered by Milesprower2.)

Hint: Real "Sonicfan" can find this answer. An alien who gave the life with his blood... Hmm...

2) Bowser Jr. said: "I trap your friends in "?" blocs! Try to find'em!!" (Answered by MeVsZombiesMeWin.)

Hint: Do you ever play New Super Mario Bros. Wii??

3) "Louie! Go in mission on this planet now!!"

Hint: What is on this planet? Animals, humanoides or plants?? Or perhaps, the mix...

4) The Comte Niark said: "My minions... My dear minions..." (Answered by Lilgrei.)

Hint: The wedding of a great king with a princess who's got a pure hearth... A bad guy... super paper mario... defeated... NIARK!!

The question 1 is difficult, the 2 is the easiest and got a little help, the 3 have a little help too and the 4 is really, really difficult to find (you cannot cheat with the four! >:D ).

I will do other games later.

/Supershadow30, one other user who wanna play in this wiki!