This is a puzzle, try to find answers!!

1) What Can I Do?

The Zombies just catched you!! But they wanna play, so, they say you:

"Wi wana plaaayyy. Sey zomthing, if it'z tru, we will zonbifi yoo, but if it'z fasl, we will eat yoor Braaaiiinzzz... If you zey notin, wi'll kill yu..."

You don't want to die, so, you need to say something. But what?

The question is:

A) What can you say for still alive?

Hint: Something false and you lose a brain... Something true and you die... Not so cool, huh? Try to say something "false and true" (Who change at certain times...)!!!

The answer was:

A) You say "You will eat my braaaiiinzzz!!". It's faulse, so they will eat your brain. Then, it become true!! So, they will zombify you. BUT now, this become faulse!!! The zombies don't understand and let you go. (Answered by BLACK OUT)

2) 3 Peashooter

3 Peashooter try to kill 3 regular Zombies, so they shoot 10 peas by peashooters (no more, no less). Other plants wanna help them, so they give 1 cabbages and 3 corn kernel (5 N.P.D.), one corn kernel by peashooter. and 1 cabbage in more. So, they use the kernels: 30-3=27 more the cabbage 27+2=29 N.P.D.. They need to do 30 N.P.D. for kill the Zombies.

The question is: 

B) How can they kill these Zombies?

Hint: Those operations aren't true!!!! Find the good operations!!

Good luck!

/Supershadow30, Is my blogs games too much difficult?!