WARNING!! This blog game is a finished PUZZLE! All answers where founded!!!

1) How Many Nuts? (H.M.N.?)

Crazy Dave come and say you: "I've got specials wall-nuts!! All my Wall-nuts are regular Wall-nuts except two. All my Wall-nuts are Explode-o-nuts except two. All my wall-nuts are Giant Wall-nuts exect two. Why I say this? Because I'm CRAAAAAAAAAZY!!!! Find how many Wall-nuts I have!!"

The questions are:

A) How many total Wall-nuts have got Crazy Dave?

B) How many of them are regular Wall-nuts?

C) How many of them are Explode-o-nuts?

D) How many of them are Giant Wall-nuts?

Hint: The answers are more simple than you can think!

The answer were:

A) He's got three Wall-nuts. (Answered by ProcastinatorMan)

B) One is a regular Wall-nut. (Answered by ProcastinatorMan)

C) One is an Explode-o-nut. (Answered by ProcastinatorMan)

D) One is a Giant Wall-nut. (Answered by ProcastinatorMan)

2) How Many Days? (H.M.D.?)

You plant a special Lily Pad on your Pool. In one day, it double his size. Ten days after, he recover the half of your Pool.

The question is:

E) How many days it will take for recover the entire Pool?

Hint: Ten days... REALLY needed?

The answer was:

E) The Lily Pad will take one day. (Answered by KernelFodder)

Answers are founded!!!

/Supershadow30, who edit another blog game and who congrat the person who answer the blog puzzle!!!!!