I was very dissapointed when first I learnt that Pvz 2 won't have a world based on Ancient Greece. Now that I see that it's 99,9 per cent sure that it won't happen, I decided to create one. Remember I haven't finished yet.

Ancient Greece World


"Come on in 540 BC where a zombie - culture is in evolution. Watch out for your brains, as these zombies are really clever."

New things

+32 levels!

+6 new plants! (Actually 8, two of them are premiums)

+14 new zombies!



  • Pumpkin: Protects a plant by surrounding it.
  • Doom - Shroom: Instant use plant that kills zombies in a large area.

Non - Premiums

  • Threepea: Shoots three peas in a lane. Unlocked in Day 2.
  • Iron - nut: Defensive plant that stop incoming projectiles from zombies.
  • Tall - Wood: Defensive plant that instantly kills Cyclop Gargantuars. 


  • Citizen Zombie: Regular brain - craving zombie. Introduced in Day 1.
  • Conehead Citizen: His marble cone doubles his toughness. Introduced in Day 1.
  • Buckethead Citizen: His iron bucket provides him an excellent protection from damage. Introduced in Day 2.
  • Citizen Flag Zombie: Marks the arrive of a huge wave of brain - loving zombies. Introduced in Day 1.
  • Map Creator Zombie: Creates and gives maps to zombies so they can find the most vulnerable lane. Introduced in Day 5.
  • Archer Zombie: Shoots arrows that damage three plants in a row. Introduced in Day 9.
  • Warrior Zombie: Fully armored zombie:helmets and armors. Introduced in Day 13.
  • Cyclop Gargantuar: Powerful zombie that has smashes plants and has just an eye. Introduced in Day 16.
  • Democratic Imp: Thrown by Cyclop Gargantuar or walking by itself, this imp possesses a samll threat. Introduced in Day 14.