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  • SuperKstar

    Arcade machine problem

    October 11, 2015 by SuperKstar

    The title says everything. Why when we have names like Intensive Carrot and they have their second word's first letter in capital, why we don't do it and to the Arcade machine ?

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  • SuperKstar

    Ancient Greece World

    September 13, 2015 by SuperKstar

    I was very dissapointed when first I learnt that Pvz 2 won't have a world based on Ancient Greece. Now that I see that it's 99,9 per cent sure that it won't happen, I decided to create one. Remember I haven't finished yet.

    "Come on in 540 BC where a zombie - culture is in evolution. Watch out for your brains, as these zombies are really clever."

    +32 levels!

    +6 new plants! (Actually 8, two of them are premiums)

    +14 new zombies!

    • Pumpkin: Protects a plant by surrounding it.
    • Doom - Shroom: Instant use plant that kills zombies in a large area.

    • Threepea: Shoots three peas in a lane. Unlocked in Day 2.
    • Iron - nut: Defensive plant that stop incoming projectiles from zombies.
    • Tall - Wood: Defensive plant that instantly kills Cyclop Gargantuars. 

    • Citizen Zomb…

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  • SuperKstar

    New Template!

    August 14, 2015 by SuperKstar

    As the rules say,if you create a template that you think that it needs further use,I have to ask admistrators and others.So,I've created a template about Pvz 2's achievements.Would you like to use it?

    Here's the page: [[1]]

    P.S.:If the most are answering support,should I make templates and for the rest games,achievements?

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  • SuperKstar

    Hi again! Well,in my last blog I learned that a gallery must have at least 25 photos (Again I don't know if videos count here). Well I was editing when I saw that some Pinata Parties Events are close to the 25 photos or soon to pass them (Dark Ages Pinata Parties,Feastivus 2013 & 2014). Do you agree making some galleries for them? Answer!

    PS:I was thinking once to do video galleries (galleries only with videos). Silly right?

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    New Galleries

    July 29, 2015 by SuperKstar

    Ok,I might be a new one here but a theme makes me write this blog post.Well many users (among them and me), have made many galleries and the most of them have been deleted.Well I'm asking this:How many photos must have a page so it can have a gallery? Write below!

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